Street Sects will have a new album out on October 26th! Entitled The Kicking Mule, it will be released via The Flenser, and you can check out the first single right here!

Duo Street Sects provide an excellent blend of industrial metal and alternative rock. For Shaun Ringsmuth’s instrumentals, imagine a less dense take on the abrasiveness Author & Punisher, combined with the catchiness of a (more complex) Rammstein. Add in the alternative, perhaps slightly pop-punk influenced vocal style of Leo Ashline, reminiscent of that of Blaqk Audio – probably the most divisive element, or at least the part for which your reaction is most likely to indicate whether you’ll like the band or not – and you have a convincingly accessible take on heavy industrial rock. For all the comparisons I can make, the band I’m most reminded of by Street Sects is Dope Stars Inc. – and if that’s the style of music you’re into, Street Sects are creating it now, and, frankly, creating it better.

Whether or not Street Sects will achieve the seemingly Sisyphean task of bringing industrial music back to the mainstream, their single “In For A World Of Hurt” is at the very least well worth listening to. It’s got layers of guitars, drums, speech samples, and just noise, all of which somehow manage to fit into a song with some real momentum to it. Be prepared to get excited about this album!

Not only do we have the single and album artwork, though, but also the official tracklist for The Kicking Mule (as informative as tracklists may or may not be):

1. “269 Soulmates”
2. “Birch Meadows, 1991”
3. “Chasing the Vig”
4. “Suicide by Cop”
5. “Everyone’s at Home Eventually”
6. “Dial Down the Neon”
7. “In For a World of Hurt”
8. “Before It Was Worn”
9. “Still Between Lovers”
10. “The Drifter”

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