To meet the top-level production and musicianship standards of the trailblazing tech-death record label The Artisan Era, you have to be more than just an average death metal band. Good for Chicago-based tour de force Warforged then that this is well and truly the case with their music. In fact, one could say that it was only a matter of time. Warforged have officially announced their signing with The Artisan Era, and their next record is set to be the band’s best work yet.

Warforged made their mark back in 2014 with their stunning debut EP Essence of the Land. It consisted of four seamlessly interwoven tracks of jaw-breaking technical heaviness, with some fleeting melodic pauses for thought. The EP was closely followed in 2015 by a follow-up single titled Two Demons. Just to whet our appetites, the band have released a brand new playthrough of one of these earlier tracks, “Regurgitate”.

The only possible negative listeners could have drawn from Warforged‘s blistering musical archive was its overall shortness in runtime. Those same listeners can now put their time-based anxieties to rest. The band’s first release under The Artisan Era banner, titled I: Voice, will be a nine tracks large, 73 minute full-length album. Not only that, but it will follow up thematically from where Essence of the Land left off. It seems then that their new label will nurture the best traits of Warforged whilst implementing their reputable immaculate production standards. Let’s hope that the next teaser isn’t too far into the future.

I: Voice will be released sometime in 2019. To hear Warforged‘s story so far, check out their earlier stuff on their Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For all the latest news and tour info, visit their Facebook page.

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