German progressive/alternative rock outfit The Intersphere have released their new single, titled “Secret Place”, which is part of their upcoming album The Grand Delusion, set to be released on November 30th, 2018. This will mark their comeback after almost five years since their last release, Relations in the Unseen. The upcoming album will be released through Long Branch Records.

The track is quite hard-hitting. It immediately opens with articulate and punchy instrumentals, wasting no time to announce their return. The vocals have a nice tendency to soar over the smooth and ambient melodies of the guitar in the main choruses. This track really displays their versatility, as there are very atmospheric and spacey sounds, as well as very dry and punchy riffs throughout. These contrasts between sections help the listener to engage more to the different ways the vibe of the song can morph and contort.

Vocalist/guitarist Christoph Hessler had the following to say:

‘This song deals with the most important characteristic that makes us human: The ability to create, imagine, and dream as well as the challenge of creating free spaces in the midst of a superficial, conformed and externally determined world that make thinking, acting and creating worthwhile.

The production aimed at recording the four main instruments live and as close up, big and detailed as possible, and thus duplication was largely avoided. We also experimented with new open tunings and countless distortion and fuzz pedals that make the sound more distorted and dirty. But there are also a couple of opulently arranged songs that enrich the sounds of The Intersphere with new colours and facets that people have never heard from us before.’

The band will be on tour in Germany starting late November. If you are in the area and want to get impressed by their amazing live performance, check the dates here:

29.11.18 Bremen / Lagerhaus
30.11.18 Osnabrück / Kleine Freiheit
01.12.18 Hamburg / Indra
04.12.18 Hannover / Musikzentrum
05.12.18 Berlin / Lido
06.12.18 Göttingen / Musa
07.12.18 Moers / Bollwerk
08.12.18 Kaiserslautern / Kammgarn
11.12.18 Stuttgart / Kellerklub
12.12.18 München / Backstage
13.12.18 Nürnberg / MUZ
14.12.18 Aschaffenburg / Colos-Saal
15.12.18 Köln / Luxor
10.01.19 Leipzig / Täubchenthal
11.01.19 Dresden / Scheune
18.01.19 Heidelberg / Halle 02
24.01.19 Wilhelmshaven / Pumpwerk
25.01.19 Dortmund / Piano
26.01.19 Wuppertal / LCB
30.01.19 Ulm / Roxy
31.01.19 Marburg / KFZ

You can pre-order The Grand Delusion here and follow The Intersphere here.

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