Self-proclaimed ‘sasscore’ band SeeYouSpaceCowboy have released a new single ahead of the release of their new album The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds which comes out September 27, 2019 via Pure Noise Records. The song released here is titled “Armed With Their Teethand it comes out swinging! For those who have not had the opportunity to listen to this band, they put out some intense metalcore that cuts right to the point. On top of the metal, there is a multitude of additional elements present as well including ‘sass vocals, dissonant dance melodies, and visceral breakdowns’.

Fully equipped with a slew of imagery, “Armed With Their Teeth” slaps hard with political themes and unforgiving heaviness. The band says a few words towards the video: ‘there were a lot of hands on deck for this video and most of the imagery came together kind of spur of the moment. At the end of the day, we were all very happy with the final product.The video was directed by Cameron Nunez in Cincinnati, OH and can be seen below.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy gives me the tingly bits of nostalgia feels with the kind of metal they produce. “Armed With Their Teeth” is exactly the kind of pinch that I strove for back in my high school days. I don’t want to leave any comparisons because the song is better off being listened to on its own merit. The mathcore qualities create the frenetically paced track which only emphasises the slower breakdown towards the end. My younger self would have eaten this stuff up, but my current self will gladly indulge.

The band have opted to a write a record that felt more true to themselves with The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds. The band states:This record is a bit of a departure from our previous material. When we decided to start writing we talked a lot about what we wanted to do and what we thought people expected us to do.’ If the rest of the album sounds anywhere near “Armed With Their Teeth” then I think we’re all in for a treat.

The track list of The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds is:

  1. Armed With Their Teeth
  2. With High Hopes and Clipped Wings
  3. Disdain Coupled With A Wide Smile
  4. A Space Marked “Escape”
  5. Prolonging The Inevitable Forever
  6. Late December
  7. Have You Lost The Plot?
  8. Put On A Show, Don’t Let Them See You Fall
  9. No Words, No Compensating Lies
  10. Dissertation Of An Idle Voice
  11. The Phoenix Must Reset

SeeYouSpaceCowboy releases their upcoming album The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds on September 27 via Pure Noise Records which can be pre-ordered here. You can also follow them on all the usual social media platforms: Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to check out their immediate tour dates on their website.

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