Gorod Unveil Artwork And Tracklist For New Album

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Other than a handful of studio updates last April, Gorod have kept relatively quiet about the development of their sixth full length studio album and what it may sound like. But out of the blue comes not just some fresh artwork, courtesy of artist and illustrator Jeff Grimal, but a track list as well.

The album, titled Aethra, is stated by the band to be a concept album themed on the moon, and will be the fully fledged follow up to 2015’s A Maze of Recycled Creeds. Here is the art and tracklist:

1. Wolfsmond
2. Bekhten’s Curse
3. Aethra
4. The Sentry
5. Hina
6. And the Moon Turned Black
7. Chandra And The Maiden
8. Goddess Of Dirt
9. Inexorable
10. A Light Unseen


Since their beginnings in 1997, these influential French metallers have cemented a reputation by intelligently pushing the boundaries of prog/tech/jazz metal. But last year, their musical direction took a rather seismic shift in the form of Kiss the Freak, an EP which showed a much thrashier and direct side to the band. Though interesting in places, Kiss the Freak was largely a polarizing affair, causing many of us to wonder where exactly Gorod will be headed with Aethra.

Yet Gorod are as unpredictable as they are experimental, so Aethra will doubtlessly be an interesting delve with some some unexpected maneuvers along the way.

For more news, tour dates and merch on Gorod, visit their Official Facebook Page. To hear their extensive back catalog, visit their Spotify and Bandcamp pages.

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