Today is a busy day in the Insomnium camp, as they hit the hat trick with album, single, and tour announcement all in the same day. Fans of the European melodic death metal scene rejoice, as some of the very best to ever do it don’t seem like they are going to be stopping anytime soon. “Valediction”, the single released today, is yet another release in a continued trend of one-upping pretty much every other melo-death band in their area in my humble opinion.

Insomnium are not new to this whole music thing, with the freshly announced Heart Like A Grave making this their eighth album in a nearly twenty-year run now. If you have listened to the band before, you should know what to expect going into a new single. “Valediction” fits into the band’s catalog like an already constructed piece of a puzzle that has been ready to insert for years now. It is a natural progression of the incredibly symphonic and melodic archetype that Insomnium has siphoned from for years now. It’s heavy, fast, and brimming with memorability. The paired singing and growls overlay the atmospheric keys and set of melody-enriched riffs that dance around with way more beauty than death metal ever deserved.

As if an album announcement and single weren’t good enough, Insomnium has chosen to spoil fans today. It’s as if they knew their fans would be hype after hearing such a well-crafted song, and they are jumping on the opportunity by also promoting a North American tour for the early spring. They will be bringing their friends in Omnium Gatherum and Seven Spires to decimate the United States and Canada for nearly a full month. Dates for these shows are listed below:

March 12- Philadelphia, PA
March 13- New York, NY
March 14- Worcester, MA
March 15- Montreal, Quebec
March 16- Sherbrooke, Quebec
March 17- Quebec City, Quebec
March 18- Toronto, Ontario
March 20- Newport, KY
March 21- Milwaukee, WI
March 22- Joliet, IL
March 23- St. Paul, MN
March 24- Winnipeg, Mantioba
March 25- Regina, Seskatchewan
March 26- Edmonton, Alberta
March 27- Calgary, Alberta
March 28- Vancouver, BC
March 29- Seattle, WA

March 31- Oakland, CA
April 1- West Hollywood, CA
April 2- San Diego, CA
April 3- Santa Ana, CA
April 4- Tempe, AZ
April 5- Las Vegas, NV
April 6- Salt Lake City, UT
April 7- Denver, CO
April 9- Dallas, TX
April 10- Austin, TX
April 11- Houston, TX
April 13- Tampa, FL
April 14- Margate, FL
April 15- Orlando, FL
April 16- Atlanta, GA
April 17- Chapel Hill, NC
April 18- Halethorpe, MD

This is definitely going to be an exciting show, and if you’ve never seen Insomnium live rest assured they don’t disappoint in their stage presence and sound. It’s a long trip over the Atlantic, so get out and show some love if they come near you! Tickets are on sale now, so be sure to grab them while they’re hot. You can follow Insomnium on Facebook for more tour news and updates on Heart Like A Grave which comes out on October 4 via Century Media Records!

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