Sometimes a song just hits you right when you need it most, and my most recent example is the newest Lonely Robot song. It’s called “Ancient Ascendant” and it’s a wonderfully neat progressive rock song!

If you’re unfamiliar with Lonely Robot, it’s effectively the solo project of English guitarist, singer, producer, and record label owner John Mitchell. Already a highly accomplished musician in his own right, Lonely Robot allows him to explore the more atmospheric and epic side of progressive music. With the project’s newest album, Under Stars, which comes out on April 26, 2019 via InsideOutMusic, he looks to wrap up the planned trilogy of his Astronaut story. If “Ancient Ascendant” is any indication, it sounds like Mitchell is looking to stick to his guns in terms of sound while refining even further – a true progressive album. Check out the sci-fi stylings of the track’s lyric video:

The thing with Lonely Robot is you don’t go to them for impossibly technical showings of musicianship or a fireworks show of sonic excess. You come for the spacey mood, delightful story, and charm. It’s like watching a PG-rated science-fiction story with a deceptively deep and emotional plot, awe-inspiring cinematography, and great acting. I’ve waited a couple years for this moment and I must say, I’m nowhere near disappointed. The pacing and tone of “Ancient Ascendant” is Lonely Robot to the core, but there’s real subtle stuff like the synthetic elements that keep things fresh for longer time fans like me.

Mitchell himself provided some context with the track’s release:

“Ancient Ascendant” is a wry poke at and indeed musical equivalent of the famous ‘evolution of man’ picture. We may be evolutionary but we seem to be walking backwards into the swampy quagmire of a synthesized society. Maybe we can learn something from the simpler times and customs of our ancestors even if we can’t learn from their history. This was the first song I recorded for Under Stars and I had a ball recording it!

Fair enough! We also have a little peek at the slightly cheesy, but charming and beautiful cover art as well as the tracklist for Under Stars:

1. Terminal Earth
2. Ancient Ascendant
3. Icarus
4. Under Stars
5. Authorship Of Our Lives
6. The Signal
7. The Only Time I Don’t Belong Is Now
8. When Gravity Fails
9. How Bright Is The Sun?
10. Inside This Machine
11. An Ending

Can’t wait to hear the rest! If you’re as excited as I am, you can preorder Under Stars a few different ways (including CD and vinyl formats) through this handy link before it comes out on April 26. You can like Lonely Robot on Facebook, and if you’re interested, I recommend also liking John Mitchell‘s own artist page on Facebook.

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