The US math metal ensemble Car Bomb have announced details and released pre-orders for their fourth album Mordial, releasing on September 27. The highly anticipated album will be distributed in Europe through Holy Roar Records. Apart from that, they also premiered a nerve-wrackingly heavy, time and space continuum meddling track titled “Scattered Sprites”.
The earlier single “Dissect Yourself” introduced a band that has put themselves to work and upped their ante even more, if that’s even humanly possible. Similarly, the same colloquialism applies to “Scattered Sprites”. The track advances in a vicious rhythmic pattern and throws bizarre, peculiar twists and turns your way constantly. Albeit the single is genuine Car Bomb, there’s new kinds of underlying tones you might not expect, as if you could expect anything from said band in the first place. Try to imagine an even more shapeless version of Meshuggah in an audible laser tag war for example, and you might get the gist of it. Or skip thinking and give the track a go from below:

Car Bomb have had an upward trajectory ever since their Relapse Records debut Centralia on 2007. They further solidified their distinct footprint on w^w^^w^w and Meta, which led to them receiving nearly uninterrupted praise from fans and critics everywhere. The band have easily become one of the most unique and prominent bands to keep your eye on. Their highly calculated and perfectly executed output digresses all boundaries set by genre definitions, which on its own is a reason for their growing repute.

The band is also currently on an UK/European run with Animals As Leaders, ending to festival appearances at Brutal Assault Festival and ArcTanGent, with a headliner spot and an album release show on September 29 at Euroblast Festival. Make sure to witness the band’s singular and precise chaos live if you can.

Mordial artwork and tracklist:

  1. Fade Out
  2. Vague Skies
  3. Scattered Sprites
  4. Dissect Yourself
  5. Xoxoy^
  6. HeLa
  7. Blackened Battery
  8. Mordial*%
  9. Eyecide
  10. Antipatterns
  11. Naked Fuse

Be sure to follow Car Bomb on Facebook, and secure a pre-order for yourself from Holy Roar here, or through the band’s Bandcamp.

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