Singer and multi-instrumentalist Bibio has returned to the fray, bringing with him not only news of a brand new album, but an album trailer as well. Coming to a stereo near you, his new album Ribbons will be released on April 12. Stephen Wilkinson has returned to the styles found on his 2016 release A Mineral Love – a far cry from the ambient soundscapes found in Phantom Brickworks, released two years ago.

The single released earlier this month, “Curls”, certainly confirms this hypothesis. Wilkinson returns to his distinct folktronica sound, his dulcet vocals matched against soft, flowing guitars laced with soft violins and daydreamy samples. Even though the track stands at just over three minutes, you get a real taste of what Bibio will bring to the table in Ribbons.

Check out the tracklist below, and spin the album trailer here, so you can get a deeper feel of the record, in anticipation for its release on Warp.

Ribbons tracklist:

1. Beret Girl
2. The Art of Living
3. Before
4. Curls
5. Ode to a Nuthatch
6. Watch The Flies
7. It’s Your Bones
8. You Couldn’t Even Hear the Birds Singing
9. Pretty Ribbons and Lovely Flowers
10. Erdaydidder-Erdiddar
11. Frankincense and Coal
12. Old Graffiti
13. Patchouli May
14. Valley Wulf
15. Quarters
16. Under a Lone Ash

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Pete Overell

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