After stepping away from the two bands he fronted, Alice Gift has been on a journey of musical discovery. On February 26, his debut solo-album Alles ist Gift was released on Cymberline Records, exposing his raw talent to an even larger audience. Alice Gift is a multi-instrumentalist, yet first and foremost a vocalist; his soft, shoegazey tones complement the post-punk and dream-pop instrumentals, resulting in a wave of thick, soothing sounds.

Today, we at Everything Is Noise are very proud to premiere his latest single “Nudity”, along with a new music video. The track is a proper foot-shuffler, nailing the shoegaze trope with a great bobby beat, feedback-ridden guitars, and aloof vocals. The chorus kicks it up a notch with lovely keyboards that send you straight into the stratosphere. The track focuses on the theme of body shaming, and the video itself feels like a love-letter to yourself. The themes scream at me to be creative and love myself, no matter what others think.

Alice Gift makes a note about how this album is his ‘cutting loose’ moment, the real measure of his sound and creativity. One of his main inspirations comes from following the philosophy of ancient alchemists like Paracelcus, who quoted:

All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose makes a thing not poison.

You can certainly hear the departure from the sounds of his other bands in the track, and you really feel like this is what his musical destiny should be. Below is the video for the new single from Alice Gift – “Nudity”. You can find social links at the bottom, along with pre-order links for the upcoming record.

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Pete Overell

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