Mixing narrations of melancholy and amusement, the duo known as Tele Novella takes you into a funhouse of magical folk and whimsy.

Release date: February 5, 2021 | Kill Rock Stars | Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram

Singer-songwriter Natalie Ribbons and instrumentalist Jason Chronis make up the wonderful duo known as Tele Novella. Their release on February 5, Merlynn Belle, is the second full-length album they have put out. So far, the release has been a great success, having already attracted quite a bit of attention, and is sure to get more with its unique charm. Tele Novella‘s new album combines whimsical instrumentals with a baroque-sounding folk style, which makes for an excellent pairing. The release turned out fun and catchy, but somehow also stays serious throughout the entire ten tracks, never coming across as foolish. Merlynn Belle has proven Tele Novella‘s excellent writing skills by mashing opposite elements of childish whimsy with a more traditional folk sound. This album is definitely worth checking out, simply to hear what that combination sounds like.

I absolutely love this album and its somewhat indescribable sound. It’s hard to pin it down, for it is something I’ve never heard before. Each song immediately puts me in a creative mood and makes me want to live more fearlessly. I really enjoy how descriptively the lyrics have been written and the elegant yet imaginative musicality the album possesses. Tele Novella has stepped outside of the box and created a sound that is entirely their own, which refreshes the feeling of enchantment we are all in need of.

My favourite track would have to be “It Won’t Be Long”, which is quite quirky and fun. The lyrics hold magically descriptive stories about relationships, characters, and experiences that are sung by a voice full of depth and warmth. Accompanying the lyrics are minimal instrumentals, which almost sound like a train chugging along throughout the song; I think it fits really well, for it lets the beautiful stories shine. This track grasped my attention within the first few seconds and kept me listening intensively the entire time, cherishing each different verse. I know a song is really special if I am disappointed when it ends, and this song definitely had that impact.

Another track I really like is “One Little Pearl”, specifically because of how much it stood out to me. It heavily takes on the baroque sound and has such captivating lyrics. Tele Novella has a poetic way of telling stories with words that whisk you away to a time with big dresses and knights on horses. I’ll include my favourite verse so you get an idea of what I mean:

‘I’ve got her bonnet and her gloves and her shoes
An old tooth, all the jewels, and her dear diary
I can tell you all the books that she’s kept in her room
Still I feel like I’ve hardly learned a thing’

Paired with the mellow guitar and angelic harmonies throughout, the lyrics paint a descriptive image that makes you want to meet the girl featured in the story. Even though this track particularly stood out to me, every track on the album is this way. The lyrics are like nothing I’ve heard before: they make me feel as if I’m hearing tales about enchanted villages and the characters living there. I absolutely love this concept and really enjoy listening to each phrase written on Merlynn Belle.

Each track on Merlynn Belle is wonderfully creative, magical, and descriptive. As someone who loves enchanted tales and fantasy worlds, this album is the perfect balance between a fairytale soundtrack and modern folk. The talented duo also complement each other really well throughout the entire album. Both the instrumentals and vocals are interesting on their own, but are unstoppable together. I am seriously impressed by this album and recommend it to anyone who wants to live in more imaginative world for a few minutes.

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