Frigoris deliver a whole-hearted and inspiring piece of work, where raw atmosphere and complex emotion blend perfectly.

Release date: January 24, 2020 | Hypnotic Dirge Records | Spotify | Bandcamp | Facebook

I’ve dug pretty deep through the tunnels of melodic black metal, and Frigoris serves to remind me that discovering more acts of high quality in this field prevents the process from getting tiresome. Stumbling upon a good one is among my favourite cathartic moments in experiencing music. The substance, the moods, and the careful balance between tranquil and monstrous is what this emotionally charged offshoot of bleak heaviness is all about. For me personally, few things in music top it.

I’m pleased to say that I found another gem. Thank you Frigoris!

in Stille is this German act’s latest outing, and it’s the whole package. In the great tradition of bands such as Alcest, the record takes the mighty and speedy chord progressions of the classic genre and uses them to create something rather more elegant. If I’ve got this right, somewhere along the lines, this tweak in direction may have been called blackgaze, but I believe in this case, the balance is too fine a thing to pinpoint in descriptive terms. It’s black metal, and it’s emotive in an extremely natural and intuitive manner. That is all.

From the album’s beginning, the rawness is abundant, and found primarily in the super-classic guttural vocal rasps. They complement the eerie passion discharged by the instruments with unquestionable flair. To call the first act of this record ‘textbook’ would be to undersell it somewhat, and there’s certainly nothing ‘generic’ happening. There’s a level of expertise in effect that renders the journey nothing short of fluid.

…in Stille‘s wonderful and ear-opening progression truly kicks in, however, at the fourth track, “Stimmen im Regen”, which is one of the most unique and captivating blend of moods the album has to offer. This nine-minute epic track goes through every spectrum one could imagine, with such grace it could be a standard-bearer for the entire subgenre. Of this one song alone, Frigoris should be extremely proud.

You’ll furthermore realise that this album’s mid-point sets a precedence. The explosive beauty of the following track, “Einkehr”, enunciates the spread-out quality of the record, and continues right through to the end. You’ll hear more melody, more sublime clean singing, and more climactic rage, all of which is patient and well-delivered both in a groovy and a thrashy context. Ample closure comes with no shortage of explosiveness in the two-part movement, “Die Gleise an denen wir starben”, which is a triumphant end to a wholly gripping musical spectacle.

There isn’t a great deal more I can say without tumbling into the realms of hyperbole. …in Stille is a wonderful record from a superbly talented band. It remains true to its roots to the point that it clarifies the greatness of the genre, or subgenre if you will. If you like your heavy output with a touch of melancholy, dashes of mystique, and great helpings of fierce conviction, then this latest opus from Frigoris will seek out that itch and scratch it. If its always to be done this well, then may the sounds of emotive and atmospheric black metal long continue. Albums of this quality will forever be welcomed.

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