It’s incredibly exciting to bring you a brand new track from Chinese post-rockers Wang Wen! I have personally been looking forward to hearing what this band has been cooking up, and this new track simply doesn’t disappoint. “Mail From The River” is an eventful six-minute affair with distinct but cohesive parts that work together to form a radiant piece of music. Check out the song below!

“Mail From The River” is from Wang Wen’s upcoming release Invisible City which will be release through Pelagic Records September 27. I’ve been a fan of this band for a while, and have been anticipating when we’d get to hear something new. This song is both exactly what I expected and more, if that’s possible. The use of horns, guitar, and noise all work together to create a sound that’s pretty unique but also catchy and relatable. This has already been a great year for post-rock, with Invisible City now poised to make it even better.

Be sure to follow Wang Wen over on Facebook for news on the release and touring info. You can also pre-order Invisible City through Pelagic Records

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