It’s the summer, so I have zero idea what day it is. That’s usually fine and doesn’t matter greatly, but I had written a paragraph about how today’s track would set you up perfectly after the weekend. But it isn’t Monday, so that’s out the window. Regardless, today’s premiere from Virginia shoegaze outfit TWIN DRUGS is top quality (as always, of course), providing the perfect accompaniment to an already chaotic time. Everything Is Noise seems the perfect place for this to premiere with its focus on creating just as much noise as possible – so buckle up before hitting play.

TWIN DRUGS themselves sum up “Dust Worship” quite well, explaining that ‘we tend to float between gritty noise rock and dreamy shoegaze and this one feels like our best attempt at a split down the middle. Dust Worship is equal parts raucous intensity and euphoric hallucination.‘ This is most certainly the case, with drums and guitars equally chaotic in their delivery throughout the track. The fuzz-infused guitars in particular bring a real energy to “Dust Worship”, pushing the track forward with both intensity and ferocity. TWIN DRUGS seem intent in making this piece of music more than just that, instead opting to provide the listener with an experience. As a stand-alone piece, it works incredibly well, but it feels like part of something bigger – I can’t wait to hear where it finds its place on the upcoming album.

The visual accompaniment for the track is (obvious statement incoming) a work of art. The opening title screen sets the scene wonderfully with vintage visuals, before reinforcing the hallucinogenic feel that the band alluded to in their description of the music. Various images fight for prominence, TWIN DRUGS again pushing the boundaries and merging styles with a wonderful contrast of bright and dark colours. There is a lovely line in the press release for the album, explaining that the music ‘is as much about dreaming on as it is about waking up‘, and I think you would be hard pushed to find a better description for this video than this.

“Dust Worship” is taken right from TWIN DRUGS upcoming release In Now Less Than Ever, which can be pre-ordered right now via Crazysane Records webshop. With such an excellent mix of gaze and noise, many will be excited to hear more from TWIN DRUGS in advance of the album release (with the press release promising that In Now Less Than Ever will be much darker than their debut), so make sure to keep an eye on their Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp pages in the meantime.

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