Are you ready for an auditory disembowelment? Gutslit have been around for close to 15 years, but it has been over six years since we last got an LP from this veteran outfit. Well, we finally have a visceral taste of what the band has in store when their new record Carnal finally hits shelves on July 7. This is a band that have never shied away from embracing the wildest spectrums of the human condition, from the utterly depraved to more acceptable euphorias.

Gutslit have been embraced internationally and have become quite the standard bearers for deathgrind on the international scene, having done so by being better than most at songwriting and composition. Today, we get to unveil a new slice of viscera! “Altar of Putridity” is a pummeling and groove-laden beast of a track that employs multiple vocal approaches, timing pivots, pinch harmonics, punch harmonics, squeals, chugs that will turn your ears into hamburger and your brains into a caseless sausage.

Gutslit sheds some light on the track and what this altar represents and why exploring the dark recesses of the mind can actually be a healthy endeavor:

“This poignant musical creation strives to encapsulate the very essence of Dahmer’s unremorseful and nonchalant disposition, a chilling manifestation of his contempt for the sanctity of life. Moreover, it seeks to shed light on the shocking reality of his perverse creativity, as he callously constructed an altar, an unholy sanctuary, fashioned from the remnants of his hapless victims. In this ghastly act, Dahmer, consumed by a godlike delusion, dared to elevate himself above mortal boundaries, cultivating a sense of invincibility and untouchability.

Through haunting melodies and lyrical narratives, the song weaves a somber tapestry that invites contemplation on the depths of human darkness and the disturbing allure of those who transgress the very foundations of our moral fabric. It serves as a sobering reminder of the eternal struggle between good and evil, and the devastating consequences that arise when evil is left unchecked.”

Gutslit endeavor to embrace the profane to illuminate the darker places in the human mind, and throughout their career, they have done just that. Carnal will take us on a captivating journey, delving into the various costumes and masks we wear and the multiple personas we assume as we confront life’s trials. It showcases tracks that derive inspiration from the thoughts of notorious serial killers, shedding light on the deepest recesses of the human mind and providing a distinctive outlook on the human condition.

Carnal will be unleashed upon the world July 7, and you can secure your digital copies on their Bandcamp page along with physical merch on their website. Be sure to give the band a follow on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all of their goings-on.

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