What could possible complement the turn of the seasons as well as some reverb-soaked guitars, ascendant vocals, and mellow drums? You’re damn right, shoegaze in the form of SHUN is the answer! Everything Is Noise is pleased to present to you today the album stream of SHUN‘s debut full-length, Songs From The Centrifuge. This record cements the band’s place as one to watch in the genre, offering up a shoegaze experience full of rich emotions, great hooks, and smooth instrumental transitions.

Looking back at their previous work, most notably 2018’s EP Nothing Quite As Heavy, there is a marked change in sound, with the band scaling back some of their heavier post-rock influences and focusing more on their staple sound. That isn’t to say the album doesn’t have an underlying heaviness to it, though; the German rockers manage to tune down those guitars and bring in some raucous climaxes to their songs. All in all, the record is more of a classic shuffler than a headbanging experience, with SHUN able to craft some of the dreamiest soundscapes I’ve heard all year, just like you’ve been transported to the RR Diner in Twin Peaks.

“Centrifuge”, the lead single from the album, is a perfect exemplar of the sound you can expect from the band, with lofty vocals and an excellent guitar warble framing a brilliantly relaxing and emotive track. The ambient section midway through acts as a great contrast to the heavier rock that follows, capturing the full palette of the band’s sound.

The band stated the following about their new album:

‘It’s cool to finally see this record out in the world, we’re fans of so many great artists and hope to contribute something that other people might enjoy. We’re especially happy with how the physical release turned out, so if you are a fan of vinyl you might want to check that out.’

Songs From The Centrifuge drops via This Charming Man Records on November 26th, 2021, so once you’ve filled your ear with this gorgeous sound, make sure to head over to the label’s Bandcamp to pick up the album! You can find social links below the album premiere. Do enjoy!

Pete Overell

Pete Overell

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