I bet you kind of already know what you’re getting into with this premiere by whatever clever title I decided to give the article, so I can already assume that you’re ready for some inspired and impressive metal. Svengahli is the brainchild of Exist’s bassist, Alex Weber, and the project is another way for him to express a different facet of his musical endeavors. The debut EP Nightmares of Our Own Design will be released on March 6 and features some impressive talent. Along with handling the bass and vocal duties, Weber was assisted by Anup Sastry with the drum programming for this release and is joined by Matt Rossa and Charlie Eron to round out the instrumentation duties. Rafael Trujillo (Obscura) and Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia) join for guest solos on a pair of tracks as well.

Today we are happy to bring you “Nightmares Of Our Own Design III: Our Hate Ignited” Give it listen now!

There are a host of things happening on this track that showcase a variety of influences and their skillful integration into a cohesive idea. The building anticipation that brings the song slowly to a boil with a layered vocal approach and patient instrumentation that is restrained yet effective. Some math-leaning grooves and riffs make the midsection a joy to listen to while the unwavering vocals remain an anchor point for the listener. There are also moments of dissonance as the song winds down, ending the whole affair with a sense of dread. It’s a nice sampling of what makes Svengahli unique and their debut EP so exciting.

Be sure to head to their Bandcamp page to get your physical and/or digital pre-orders in! You can also follow the band on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on news and info about their music!

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