We’re beyond stoked to bring you the full premiere of Soulsplitter‘s debut album Salutogenesis in advance of its official release on October 18. Formed in 2016 and based in Germany, the band’s an artistic collective focused to bend and eventually break all possible boundaries, aiming to explore and expand the inner emotional universes and personal catharses for themselves as well as for all of us listeners. Combining progressive rock, metal, jazz, and classical aesthetics, Salutogenesis is amongst the most interesting albums seeing the light of day this year, therefore definitely deserving your undivided attention for the hour it takes to plow through the whole thing.

Opening with a profoundly cinematic intro track (“The Prophecy”) leading straight to the digressing and monumental “The Transition”, Soulsplitter demonstrate their exuberantly vibrant standing grounds immediately. Call it progressive or avant-garde; it’s hard not to smile in joy throughout the entire time, as the pleasantly well produced collision of styles constantly throws unexpected twists and turns your way, while managing to keep the flow and atmosphere unbroken. Previously released single “The Moloch” stands out as one the heavier tracks, relying on distinct rhythmic patterns and constantly building the mood with colourful instrumentation. Mirroring its title, it is at this point that the album fittingly engulfs the listener whole at the latest.

Salutogenesis is constructed in a way where it evolves incessantly – all the tracks are connected to each other while residing on their own layers. The conceptual weight lies on, as the title suggests, well-being, health, and healing. Strongly opposed to the world’s obsession with diseases and ailments, Soulsplitter harness invigorating pace and bracing melodies as their main asset. You can hear that the technical prowess is most certainly there, but the compositions and tracks never rely on simply inhumane execution or sounding weird just for the sake of it. Perfect examples of these would be the wavering instrumental “The Dream”, as well as the fascinating closing track “The Sacrifice”. It’s incredible how unpredictably wanton but maturely serious an act can be on their first release, and it’s also very easy to start to foretell that Soulsplitter‘s future is a blindingly glaring one.

Be sure to follow the band on Facebook, as well as to acquire the digital album as well as the physical record from their Bandcamp after its release this Friday.

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