Everything Is Noise is proud to premiere the third full-length album from experimental noise beast, Skulk, the Hulking. Skulk is an avant-garde musician who is unbound by convention and has no hang-ups on speaking his mind. Put whatever you’re doing on hiatus and check out Afterbirth of A Nation, right here in its entirety!

Afterbirth of A Nation is a neatly woven ensemble of jazzy hooks, explosive punky outbursts and eloquent melodic interludes. The calculated zaniness of the music perfectly complements the ravenous vocal talents of Skulk. Serj Tankian, Mike Patton, and Mikee Goodman are a few names which spring to mind when considering his verbal style. Skulk wades seamlessly from the poetic, to the humorous, to the unashamedly obscene, displaying an adeptness in both clean spoken word and from-the-guts growling.

As for topics, an appropriate question might be, ‘what does Skulk, the Hulking not talk about?’ Using an acute satirical prose, he covers politics, social depravity, corporate greed, and all the in-betweens. Tracks such as “He Who Finishes First is Finished First” and “Joe Candidate” perfectly exemplify the refined linguistics and rugged sleekness of his vocal method. His persona is that of intelligence, defiance and the old splashing of vulgarity. And why not!

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a direct testimony from Skulk, the Hulking himself:

‘Our world is over. Herald the ogre. Afterbirth of a Nation mixes all the madness of the capitalistic, selfish drive we’ve all seemed to adopt and spits it back out in a mix of punk, hip-hop, and satire. Aggressive at its core, ABOAN takes you on a rollercoaster of reckless reflection, making what feels like the end of humanity an oddly enjoyable ride.’

If you liked Afterbirth of A Nation, you can hear more Skulk, The Hulking, at his Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For news and all other info, visit his Facebook page.

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