The weekend is over and, for a lot of us, it’s back to doing tasks for others to get a few pennies to pay the bills. Thankfully, Everything Is Noise is delighted to help you brush off any Monday blues with a first look at something a little different. Electronic duo Sankt Otten specialise in imaginative compositions with their own fusion of electronica/IDM/ambient pop, utilising a range of drum machines and synthesisers to bring us danceable and/or relaxing tunes. “Die Gluecklichen Ungluecklichen” is the latest example from Sankt Otten, and it’s available for your eyes and ears right here today.

“Die Gluecklichen Ungluecklichen” is a wonderfully soothing composition from the pairing. From the opening beat, each sound is carefully crafted and chosen to pull the listener further into a trance. The drum machine maintains balance throughout, whilst allowing space for synths and bass to dance and weave their way, dropping out only briefly to allow some quiet warmth to take centre stage. Sankt Otten‘s creativity and tendency to make only subtle changes throughout the track helps to keep things interesting. Repeating patterns and phrases maintain consistency and provide comfort, without the track ever feeling forced in its 3 and a bit minutes.

The visual accompaniment to “Die Gluecklichen Ungluecklichen” is just as hypnotic as the track itself. A clever reworking of 1967’s abstract 3 Gläser by Lutz Mommartz, the video shows a range of individuals rubbing their finger around the rim of a wine glass at varying levels of intensity in split screen. The repeated motion, along with the soft colours, is a wonderful complement for “Die Gluecklichen Ungluecklichen”, pulling the listener a little further each second into the world of Sankt Otten.

Such well-crafted art only whets the appetite for more – thankfully we dont’ have long to wait, as “Die Gluecklichen Ungluecklichen” is the final teaser before the official release of the latest Sankt Otten album. Symmetrie Und Wahnsinn will be released 25 March, 2022 via Denovali Records, with physical and digital options available. You can pre-order right now via the label website or Sankt Otten‘s Bandcamp – and make sure you are following the duo on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with any upcoming news.

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