What’s not to love about a good sludge metal album? Especially when that album throws in hints of psych rock, grooves, and songs about getting high! Regardless of what your answer may or may not be to that rhetorical question, Robots Of The Ancient World have entered our orbit once again to invade your ears with none other than 3737, an album full of riffy goodness, melodic intricacy, and headbang-inducing grooves a-plenty! Today, we’re giving you a first-look at the album in full, so please press ‘play’ below as you read along on why you’re definitely going to buy this album by the end of this article.

Split into two parts of 3 tracks, side A graces us with the groovy, massive, heavy-as-a-heavy-thing onslaught that is “Hindu Kush”, a song that will serve as an anthem of sorts to some of you ‘green club’ indulgers. Pulling no punches, “Creature” and “Holy Ghost” follow up on the grooves and bluesy rhythms, crushing the airwaves throughout their duration with a magnitude powerful enough to make you want to throw on a denim vest, strap on the bullet belt, and…do whatever metalheads do in their daily life to sick riffs and cool guitar solos! At the very least, this album will definitely make you feel 20 times stronger than before you put it on, and that will empower you to file your taxes early this year – and that’s a good thing, right? Alright, enough with the aged metal guy jokes, let’s just summarize it like this; Even the first half of this album is enough to tell you Robots Of The Ancient World mean business.

But don’t stop there! Let the work of production value extraordinaire, Billy Anderson, further emphasize the talents of Caleb, Nico, Justin, Trevor, and Harry as you transition to tracks 4, 5, and 6 on side B! Briefly mellowing out on “Apollo”, only to build into the 10 minute and 49 seconds, icing-on-the-cake finale that is “Silver Cloud”, side B maximizes the earthquake felt throughout side A, as “Moustache” warms things up with an up-tempo, dancey vibe from start to finish that will have you river-dancing in the mosh pit. It’s hard not to feel moved by the adrenaline rush this album will put you on, even with sludge and doom metal often being associated as more along the ‘chill’ lines, not a single moment of this album is without its electrifying crescendo of well-composed dynamics, punchy rhythms, and catchy melodies. The entire album blends into the perfect brew of metal riffs, bluesy throwbacks, psychedelic atmosphere, gritty jams, and an overall sense of wide, massive sounds filling every space and leaving no gaps in this wall of top-notch production value.

As described via the Small Stone Recordings Bandcamp description for the album:

With the help of renowned engineer, Billy Anderson, ROTAW deliver a relentless rock n roll album spanning 37 minutes and 37 seconds. But the title is more than just the duration of this record, and the band took notice of the significance in this number. One-way guardians reach out to those is through repetition in numbers, and this one specifically is to remind us that ‘magic and manifestation are knocking at your door,‘ and ‘that you are about to attract your inner most desires.’ Emerging from the pandemic and dealing with the loss of loved ones, heartache, and mental anguish; the band decided to harness this energy and pour it into 3737.

So now that ROTAW have cast their spell and won you over with their magic, take part in celebrating their monument manifested out of grueling loss, heartache, and mental struggles! Don’t miss out any longer on the power of 3737! Scoot on over to this link to purchase your copy today! The album drops this Friday, November 17th, via Small Stone Recordings, forged and fortified by the hands of the Portland, Oregon natives themselves – making yet another case for Portland, Oregon clearly knowing what’s up with sludge metal (I’m looking at you, Red Fang)! Be sure to keep up to date with all things ROTAW via Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram!

Band photo by Jedediah Hamilton



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