Get ready to witness a great song and some extremely wondrous visuals! Alternative/progressive rockers Project Sapiens released their debut EP, Here we are last January, and this brand new video for the EP’s title track is the ultimate showcase of the band’s flare. Everything Is Noise is therefore honored to have the exclusive premiere.

“Here we are” is a staggering piece of heavy music, made from the best parts of bands such as Kyuss and Gojira. Rocking riffs, groovy drum beats and hard vocals reign supreme, building up to fantastically heavy finale. And to coincide with the song’s chiseled elegance is the stunning animated video, created by Michal Pietruszka, aka Shigaru. It blends psychedelic colors with abstract imagery and real-life photographic images. All elements combined makes this an unforgettable six-minute experience.

Regarding the meaning behind “Here We Are”, Project Sapiens‘ songwriter Poul Jakobsen had this to say:

‘If we are witnessing the end of a certain era in the history of humankind, the question is, what comes next? How will we change as society and how will it affect our reality?

‘We consume the change in form of products, but rarely do we try to understand potential positive and negative consequences of these changes on society, on our relations and quality of life in the long run… While writing the song I was thinking: ‘If the world as we know it is about to end, I would like this to be the soundtrack”.

Jakobsen also elaborated on the stunning video:

‘Making a video to this twisted song was definitely not an easy task, but Shigaru lived up to the challenge. I really love what he’s done… It’s crazy with all the colors and overwhelming mix of scenes portraying small and big human dramas – each being a different angle on the end of the world as we know it’.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that this is only the beginning of Project Sapiens‘ explosive career, with just one EP to their name so far. Expect a great deal more from these guys in the future. They are one to watch out for.

In the meantime, to hear the full Here We Are EP from Project Sapiens, check out the band’s Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For all other news, visit their Facebook page and official website. And don’t forget to check out more of Shigaru‘s amazing work at his Facebook page.

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