Following a six-year gap since their last self-titled release, noise rock supergroup Acquaintances are back at long last with a second studio album. Everything Is Noise is therefore privileged to have the exclusive premiere of not just one track, but the entire 12-song record.

Comprised of members of The Ponys and The Poison Arrows (to name but two), Acquaintances came together for the sake of providing some edgy rock ‘n’ roll with no shortage of pounding percussion and vocal grit. And these elements are captivated most proficiently in this brand new album, 8 1/2 Lives.

8 1/2 Lives possesses a high level of quick-witted punk rock charisma, and fuses it with some slick guitar work and patiently intelligent vocals. There is no embroidery to be found on this record. Their inventive musical adeptness is particularly abundant in tracks such as “Barmuda Triangle” and “This Moment was Due”, where their feisty rhythm section is complemented finely with an all-round technical finesse, heard no less so than in the drum department.

The varying string tones and vocal personas in particular render the album a nicely varied affair. Their rugged, relentless, and uncompromising production ultimately serves to make 8 1/2 Lives a heartfelt, anthem-oriented ride through the rawer nuances of post-punk. Those who enjoy their rock ‘n roll a little meatier and those who like their punk rock a little more substantial should find the perfect balance in this album.

Acquaintances also hint at the prospect of live shows this time around, to the delight of fans, though further information is under wraps for the time being. Wherever, or whenever, this may occur, there is little doubt that 2019 will be a full-swing year for the band, and deservedly so.

8 1/2 Lives will be universally available May 31 via File 13 Records. The album will also be released on cassette via Cour Sur Coup Records. For all other news and info, you can check out Acquaintances at their website and Facebook page.

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