If you can’t quite afford a ticket aboard Virgin Galatic just yet, we’ve got just the medicine for you. Perilymph return with their first song from their new album Deux. The track, “Avec” is the first track off their upcoming sophomore, which blasts off on April 26, and it is a psychedelic trip to the stars. Complementing the single is an out-of-this-world video, which really compliments the cosmic vibes of “Avec”.

Perilymph‘s second album comes off of the back of a 2017 release. Unlike the first album, however, Deux is an effort from all the band members. Originally started as a bedroom project by Fabien de Menou, Perilymph grew over time to the trippy space-rock presented here today. Deux will be comprised of six songs and is launching from French label Six Tonnes De Chair.

The music video is an amazing mish-mash of old NASA instruction videos fed through analogue signals, creating 2001: A Space Odyssey visuals for the viewer to enjoy. The video complements the music well – a song with a thick, dreamy atmosphere created by blending keyboards, guitars, and psych-rock vocals. I pick up serious Amplifier and Oceansize vibes from “Avec”, thanks to the heavily distorted guitar sounds employed by the band, and the progressive elements used throughout. The production on the song is solid, a job well done considering it was done by in-house as well, a very tricky task.

So without further ado, here is the premiere for “Avec” by Perilymph.

You can pre-order Deux from this link, which will take you to the Six Tonnes De Chair Bandcamp, equally worth picking apart. You can also pick up their previous record I from this link. Follow the band on Facebook for the latest on tour dates and the release!

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Pete Overell

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