We are delighted to premiere you the album stream of Hollow Earth by Kraków-based death/black metal outfit, Outre.

At some parts, Outre sound like a more extreme version of Poland’s Behemoth. So, no wonder that Outre share this nationality that also has bands like Vader or Hate to offer. That being said, Hollow Earth delivers a heavy-hitting mix of modern death metal with huge blackened elements. The growls are enormously powerful and perfectly combine with the blast-beating and black metal-esque guitar chord work. Just take a listen to their single “The Order Of Abhorrence” and you will hear what I’m talking about.

The title song “Hollow Earth” follows this principle and smashes a lot of blasts, dark vibes, and huge growls. But it’s not only about the heavy elements. Outre manage to also include sung vocals in this dark and gritty ambiance, while the blast beat sections dominate the songs. Said clean vocals shudder the recipient with their almost sacral impact. The band uses their momentum to incorporate clean guitar sections that bring in a breeze of hope and diversity.

Do you enjoy Behemoth‘s I Loved You At Your Darkest and Polish death metal in general? Great, you will love Outre as well!

Take a listen to Outre‘s record, Hollow Earth. Here is the full album stream:

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