Hailing from Oslo, Norway, stoner/hardcore/prog outfit Oberst not only announce their signing with Indie Recordings, but also bless us with their new video for “A Stranger Place Pt. 2”. The band isn’t new to the flourishing Norwegian music scene, rather bringing a healthy breath of fresh air to the table with their mix of hardcore, stoner rock and prog. As an appetizer for their new album Paradise, which will be out later this year, Everything Is Noise proudly presents their new video:

Fuzzy riffs and driving grooves dominate this song, while channeling soundscapes similar to Baroness or Mastodon. Accompanied by a rather trippy, dreamy music video, the Scandinavian quartet underlines their willingness to extract the hardcore essence and pair it with plenty of elements which represent the background of the each member. The vocals infuse a huge amount of aggressive harshness to the mix, and stand as the emotional anchor of the song.

Guitarist Dennis Estensen had the following to say about the bands upcoming album:

The process of making this album took a lot of effort and a long time for us. I feel we really took a giant leap from our debut EP in terms of songwriting and production. We’re really proud to finally release it to the world, and even more proud to get th is out with Indie Recording behind the release. I feel this record is going to sound fresh and exiting for a lot of people, not just for the typical rock & metal – fan

You can follow the band on Facebook and Instagram. Make also sure to check Indie Recordings for pre-orders.

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