In the Palm Desert stoner rock syndicate, Yawning Man are deities. They have existed since the late 80’s and have been the inspiration for a great wealth of peers. It’s good to know then that they are still going strong and, not only that, have a brand new record coming out this week. Everything Is Noise is therefore giddy with excitement to premiere this album from start to finish. Strap in, put your shades on, and behold Macedonian Lines.

Macedonian Lines contains six instrumental tracks, capable of conveying the traits of heavy and chilled in one even slice. This might sound like a juxtapose, but trust me it’s real and this album nails it. With a vintage, hard-natured rig which may be highly familiar to those Earth fans out there, Yawning Man combine the rustic bass-driven psychedelia of classic Palm Desert rock with an emotive passion-driven opus. Listeners can take the heat-basted leisurely drive through complex feelings of melancholy, hope, bewilderment, and a whole lot more.

Tracks such as the somber yet triumphant “Melancholy Sade” and the proudly low-end yet dreamy “Bowie’s Last Breath” prove beyond measure that this is not a cardboard cut-out emotional experience, but a tapestry of thought and reflection which is as sublime as it is raw. The dynamic trio of guitarist, Gary Arce, bassist, Mario Lalli, and drummer, Bill Stinson, are still a humble force to be noted. Yawning Man remain firmly in the game, and we are grateful for that.

Macedonian Lines will be released this Friday, June 14, via Heavy Psych Sound Records. You can hear Yawning Man‘s impressive back-catalog on their Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For all other news and info, visit their Facebook.


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