Following his stunning The Chemical Mind release of last February, and the subsequent unveiling of The Firing Effect in March, multi-instrumentalist Nick Krueger returns without pause in a new and decidedly epic experimental electronic project, titled Division of The Plane. Nick is a good friend of ours at the Everything Is Noise camp. Therefore we are extremely proud to premiere this amazing new record.

As you will hear for yourself, this is a silky-smooth delve into the electronic, sporting some hypnotic ambient groove with genuine substance. Division of The Plane is definitely the calm-after-the-storm of records like The Firing Effect, not to mention the work achieved in The Chemical Mind. It opens up a whole new dimension of Krueger’s songwriting.

You may have noticed the ‘Volume I‘ subtitle of Division of The Plane. And this is because the album is actually the first in a three-part endeavor. Volumes II and III are set for release in May and June respectively, continuing Kruger’s workhorse breakthrough across 2019. Whether or not the next two volumes continue the even tempered feel of this particular volume, or if they shake up the conventions once again, remains to be heard. Either way, listeners can expect to be firmly un-disappointed.

Division of The Plane, Volume I will be released to the general masses April 5. In the meantime, to absorb Nick Kruger‘s formidable back-catalog of music, visit his Bandcamp page. For all other news and info, visit his Facebook.


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