Having enjoyed a good bout of success following the release of their fourth album, The Task Eternal, psychedelic rockers Mars Red Sky are back with a brand new video for their eclectic track, “Crazy Hearth”. Everything Is Noise is therefore honoured to have the exclusive premiere.

The video was directed by Seb Antoine, and is the perfect visual complement to the patient, groovy nuances of “Crazy Hearth”. It portrays the band as they stroll dreamily, but with purpose, across a woodland setting. As this backdrop appears to act as a kind of comfort zone for the senses, we board a narrative which contains some genuine feel-good elements spliced with subtle moments of poignancy. Whilst much of the content is open for interpretation, the feeling of warmth it provides is significant.

The Task Eternal was released September last year, and is essential listening for anybody who hasn’t already had the pleasure. It is a smooth, heavy, and utterly entrancing piece of work that holds your attention from the outset. Expect your journey throughout its progressions to be laden with emotion. Drawing from rock, stoner, prog, and, as one might detect, shades of doom, Mars Red Sky prove to be more than the sum of their parts.

In giving us a wealth of staggering content, this band have made serious waves, and long may it continue!

You can hear The Task Eternal and other Mars Red Sky releases on their Spotify and Bandcamp pages. For all other news, info, and merch, check out their shop page and Facebook.

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