Greetings, all you noise-con(nois)s(e)uring lovers of the wiggly air affairs! Welcome back to another episode of Late Noise with your fellow audionaut, Dylan Nicole Lawson! We’re back at it again with a fresh premiere from none other than Mario Lalli and The Rubber Snakes, giving us an exclusive first-listen at their upcoming latest, Folklore From The Other Desert Cities. So who’s really the guest and host here, then? Because once you hit that play button below, congratulations; You are now the newest guest welcomed to a host of magical melodies and rugged riffing escorting you through a journey of mind and soul by way of your nervous system on a metaphoric carpet ride of your wildest imagination.

Mouthful? I agree. Hit ‘play’ below, and get an ear-full to complement it!

Tonight’s premiere is proudly and graciously provided, endorsed, sponsored, and trademarked by the lovely Heavy Psych Sounds collective! As you can hear by the waveform likely now channeling through your medium of choice, the album begins on a build-up of sorts, ascending us out of our seats and into the great unknown (or maybe just the first desert-like environment that comes to mind – my personal choice is usually Joshua Tree). From there on, it begins tapping directly into the nervous system, where it embeds a full-on immersion into the realm crafted by the hands, lyrics, instruments, and bidding of Mario Lalli and The Rubber Snakes! Much of the vocalizations tend to lean more on a poetic note, as if the speaker is telling you a story while melting your face with various licks and riffs, accompanied by esoteric instrumentation and dynamics that almost turn it from the psychedelic time warp it is, into a progressive mind-bender. All the while, the songs run seamlessly from one into another.

Blissful, suspenseful, gritty, and full of sonic twists and turns – Folklore From The Other Desert Cities presents tales stranger than fiction, as songs like “Swamp Cooler Reality” will have you in groove, slowly blending into the headbanger goodness of “Other Desert Cities”, in a mental labyrinth made of glass walls; You can see where it’s going, but still aren’t sure how you get there. One thing’s for sure, you’re going to need a little more than just a couple listens to really absorb all the band has going on here. Just as mellow as it is powerful, this is one that belongs on any psych and desert rocker’s radar! Oh, did I forget to mention, this is all live recorded?

The first release from this band of pioneering Desert rock musicians captures the band and its purest form exercising the desert born ethic and approach of rock improvisation, psychedelic and flowing, heavy and explorative.

‘The foundation of Mario Lallis grooving heavy bass lines and meditative themes with a intuitive guitar work with Brant Bjork and percussion of Ryan Güt set the scene for Sean Wheeler’s poems and songs capturing the dark and beautiful stories and images of life in the Mojave desert of Southern California.

‘This is a representation of desert rock in its purest form. A very special live performance in Gold Coast Australia.

So why wait? Pre-order your copy of Folklore From The Other Desert Cities ASAP! This fine cut of pure desert rock energy releases to the public on March 29th! But you can get your ‘first-dibs’ on one of the many vinyl variants at the Heavy Psych Sounds Records webstore! Don’t wait, get lulled away in the trippy sandstorms of Mario Lalli and The Rubber Snakes right now!

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