In life, we sometimes need someone else to give us permission to take a break. We’re all in a constant hurry from one task to the next hardly taking a moment of respite along the way. Today, Agile Experiments have gifted us a moment to breathe. We are pleased to premiere “Genome” from their upcoming LP, These Are Times For Mind And Spirit. This meditative, electronic jazz is a slurry of mood, conscious beat choices, and pure oxygen. While it spans just over three-and-a-half minutes, this song isn’t trying to reinvent or revolutionize but rather be an opening, a crack in the haze that seeks to give the listener a window to escape. There is some genuine wizardry afoot on this song as while it doesn’t seem overly dynamic with just one listen, looping this track will prove that this track subtly covers plenty of ground. Listen, and let these notes wash over you.

Now, listen to it again. Baste in its effervescent delight. Those sounds were made by George Crowley on the saxophone, synthesizers, loops & effects, Jon Scott behind the kit on drums, and Dave De Rose on bass and additional effects. This ensemble is crafting some introspective and transcendent jazz, a full album of which will be available on November 4, 2022. With seven tracks of this stuff it’s bound to be an incredible and moving experience from start to finish

Dave De Rose had the following to say about the song and the project itself:

“This track to me is both humorous and deep at the same time. Me and George appear to be playing on and off games with space-flair, while Jon is on some kind of jazz exploration tip, reshuffling the genomes of a close cousin to the funky drummer. It’s a big fat groove but it’s also cheeky and playful, Jon is constantly shifting textures around subtly while keeping the motion in drive.

Genome” contains multiple influential particles of music slammed into one fruitful concoction. As a listener you can try to take it apart scientifically by detecting its genes or you can let the organism wrap itself around you like the falls of a matrix stream.

All these tracks just happened naturally as we tuned in with each other, nothing was premeditated, the only thing we keep in mind when we create together is committing to the creation in the moment it appears. If we’re playing freely we’re committed to dream-land and the music can guide us through its own development. We’re channeling language that’s been through our system with no boundaries to hold us but our own capacity to stay in the dream together.”

You can preorder your digital or physical copy on their Bandcamp page so hop on over there and secure your copy. We all need a moment to be reminded that it’s okay to need a moment and Agile Experiments have blessed us with a way to give ourselves reprieve.

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