Where to begin with this? Every so often, a track comes along to leave you utterly dumbfounded, lost for the words to appropriately describe. “La Jour Du Cobra” by La Jungle is one such track, and today I am beyond delighted to share not only this fiendish murder-party anthem, but its equally frenzied music video too.

Let’s talk briefly about La Jungle first. Belgium’s experimental techno/noise/rock duo have been circulating their uniquely unforgiving brand of genre-defying music since 2014, releasing three albums and a flurry of remixes, splits, and live recordings in that time. With their awaited fourth album Fall Off The Apex due for release on May 21st via A Tant Rêver Du RoiBlack Basset Records, and Rockerill Records, we got our first taste of what to expect with “La Jour Du Cobra”, a thrilling seven minute pneumatic drill of a party track. Utilising an abrasive, mountainous bassline barely contained within the mix as well as flashes of incendiary glitches, vocal riffs and overdriven upper octave flourishes, this track starts at 11 and somehow ends even higher, carrying an energy that is both violent and euphoric.

Today sees this track given the visual treatment, courtesy of director Fred Labeye. The video is every bit as energetic and surreal as its aural counterpart, as the wicked duo turns a civilised dinner date into a scene of broken glass and spaghetti-based ballistics. In Labeye‘s own words:

I had the desire to express the feeling you get when you listen to the band. Their music, and even more so their live performances do not allow you to be insensitive. For sure you will start to dance. And certainly become insane.

If you haven’t already, get hooked into this ludicrous video and find yourself in the same trance as its two subjects. And if you like what you experienced, be sure to check La Jungle out over on their website, Bandcamp and Facebook; you can also pre-order Fall Off The Apex over at A Tant Rêver Du Roi.

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