Jade Collective, a New York City indie-jazz band led by Jan Esbra and Catey Esler, is releasing a video for their track “Light”, which is from their upcoming EP Cycles. The full release is to come out this winter and features five tracks.

Their new single “Light” is a tastefully sweet lullaby. Soft instrumentals accompany a gentle voice singing peaceful lyrics, soothing the soul immediately. Bright keys and warm saxophone melodies create a perfect landscape for this cozy track. In an attempt to have a live sound, they ‘started with a full band scratch take and ended up overdubbing/layering from there to try to balance a mix of acoustic & produced sensibility.’ “Light” is full, yet not overpowering, accomplishing just what they were hoping to.

The track is accompanied by a music video like no other, featuring a background that seems to imitate a night sky at times and a blank slate at others. A silhouette journeys through the song, finding light in the arms of a loved one. The video is beautiful and captures the attention of the viewer with its simplicity. It somehow takes the idea of time and space and projects it onto your screen, all to a comforting song.

‘For me, “Light” is about seeing that we all have the power to shift and accept change if it’s what we desire – whether it be something about ourselves, our surroundings, etc. It’s easier said than done, but it starts with an awareness,’ says Esler, the vocalist and pianist. Guitarist Jan Esbra adds that, ‘It’s about the lightness of being; living your life without being too attached to things or holding on too hard – enjoying moments as they come.’ With this gorgeous description in mind, watch the video and let the splendid music of the Jade Collective take over.

“Light” can be found on all major streaming platforms come November 20 and will be included in Jade Collective’s upcoming EP Cycles. Find their debut album Clarity on Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated!

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