Just know, Crazysane Records have done it again. As if the summer vibes of Havemeyer weren’t enough, the fall season arrives swiftly with its very own soundtrack. Today, we premiere none other than Berlin, Germany’s Voodoo Beach, with a video for their single, “Wonderful Life”! Light the cinnamon candles, grab your favorite hot tea, and put on your best sweater as the temperature finally drops and the breeze gets cooler; This song will sing you into autumn.

“Wonderful Life” presents a beautiful mix of eerie and dreamy. Its shoegazey, ghostly tone and note choices throughout the beginning feel like the gothy ’80s party you always wanted to go to. An atmosphere that feels right out of a Stephen King film adaptation intro, it’s hard not to feel the fall vibes easing in as you listen. The video makes for a vivid visual accompaniment, as well. Various objects floating around like poltergeist activity is taking place, yet as you get halfway through the song, the entire mood feels much more calming and, dare I say, happier?

Given the song depicts a story of end times, and perhaps an acceptance of such, this tonal shift is not only fitting, but even without applying the intended context of the lyrics – You feel a sense of ease about yourself, right where the 2:00 mark hits. A fine clash of anxious, despairing feelings of being lost or unsure of where the moment may go, blended fluidly with those of grace, light, and resolve; It’s practically a ethereal lullaby. Joined by fellow Berlin music mastermind, John Moods, Heike tells a story that transcends humanity as we know it.

‘”WONDERFUL LIFE” is nothing short of a story about the end of the world. Angelic in nature, Heike and our featured guest John Moods bid farewell and mourn what is destined for destruction – or are they devils reveling in the destruction? Who are we to judge? Even though the song speaks of human incapability to recognize and avert the impending collapse in time, it never intends to wag the moral finger, but rather offers understanding and solace in the face of catastrophe. It is precisely this ambivalence that prompted us to name the album after this song. Because on “WONDERFUL LIFE”, you can find both sides of the coin – the abyssal, tragic, and agonizing, as well as hope, grace, and a light at the end of the tunnel.

As the band is described, their unique and ‘eclectic brand of dark psychedelic rock‘ shines magnificently on Wonderful Life, with this title track being only but a glimmer of the embellishments carefully spiced across the album. Set for release via Crazysane Records on December 1st, 2023, you would be wise to pick up your preorder (now available!) via the Voodoo Beach Bandcamp! You can also follow the band and keep up to date with all news, events, and more via their Instagram!



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