What’s the best way to start your week? Play a catchy tune, provided by a cool band, brought to you by your favorite online mag! We at EIN are super happy to bring you “Avalanche”, the new song by UK alternative rockers In Dynamics. A catchy and dynamic (pun) modern rock tune to brighten up your day!

Pumping bass, filigree guitar work and smooth, yet powerful vocals. The right amount of cheese, honest, authentic and joyful. “Avalanche” tickles the right notes, lives through its energetic arrangements, and doesn’t shy away to nurture on poppy melodies. This confidence and artistically strength really carries the track and makes it an inspiring ride.

‘I’m an avalanche going through the motions
You already know that
There is another way I don’t want to go there
You already know that’

In Dynamics started in 2012, hailing from Sussex, with their debut LP Everything I See out in July 2016. If you’re craving for more material we have another surprise for you. The band’s new EP Happy & Honest is also out TODAY! If “Avalanche” whetted your appetite, this new EP will satisfy your needs even more! Check out Happy & Honest right here! 

To get your hands on the new EP and keep up with the band in general, check right here, follow them on Facebook and make sure “Avalanche” becomes part of your Spotify playlist!

Toni Meese

Toni Meese

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