Oslo may not be the first destination that you think of when indie pop is mentioned; that region is often relegated to black metal in the minds of many. Thankfully, Hajk don’t let that bother them! We are happy to present the track “Dancing Like This” from their forthcoming LP, Drama. I jumped at the chance to get to know the international pop scene, and this one does not disappoint. It’s energetic and catchy and manages to show it’s influences without being derivative. Give it a listen below!

What’s immediately striking is the appropriateness of the production. Everything is sitting nicely in the mix; it’s bright, and lets each element play out as they should. Of course, the song itself is a fresh take on the genre but still manages to be relatable, as good pop music should. The transitions are smooth, and the vocals are a genuine bright spot. I’m happy to be a fan of Hajk, but it seems that I’m late to the party. This act has been getting plenty of praise from international music media as well as artists such as Kimbra. If you’re looking for some great indie pop, then look no further.

Their new album, Drama, will be out in February 2019 through Jansen Records from their hometown of Oslo. Be sure to also follow Hajk on Facebook to stay up today on their goings on and updates!

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