Look, y’all. Sometimes size matters. It’s a harsh truth, but you must understand that while you don’t need to be gargantuan to get the job done, it helps if you possess something… substantial. Confidence and raw skill helps, but if you wield something puny, you can’t feel the skill!

Of course, I’m talking about guitar tone. Oh, you thought I was referencing something else? Hmm… sounds like a personal problem. Swiss stoner rock duo Fat Wang don’t have any many tonal insecurities to speak of if their latest song “Liars” is any indication. The track comes from their debut album Guru which is due out in just a few days on May 17 via Cold Smoke Records! If your speakers are looking for some size enhancement, look no further than “Liars”, premiering right here, right now:

For a somewhat silly name, this band is pretty serious with their heaviness and composition. There’s a lot of power in “Liars” – guitars have more buzz than a beehive, drums are real crisp and forceful, and the vocals have a punky raspiness to them that’s endearing and complementary to the stoned-out, grungy style of the track overall. The tempo levels up with the refrain and doesn’t really let up for the remainder of the playtime, expertly weaving a lovely bridge of catchy guitar melodies and splash-heavy drumming before returning to the hook. It’s awesome! Definitely something nice to supercharge the beginning of your week.

Fat Wang caps off a short thesis statement on Bandcamp by saying, ‘a shitload of amps for a fuckton of noise,’ and really what else do you need to know? You can practically see the towering amplifiers used to craft this gritty yet welcoming sound. I imagine the live band experience is a lot like when Marty McFly tests Doc Brown’s impossibly huge stereo setup with his guitar only to be blown back a few meters from the force in Back to the Future.

If you’re interested in what Fat Wang is packing, I’d like to direct you to their Facebook page where you can keep up with the duo. You can also check out their personal Bandcamp where you can find their first project, an EP tastefully titled If You’re Thirsty, Suck A… I’m sure you could tell where they were going with that on! Don’t forget to preorder Guru before it launches on May 17!

David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez

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