Dave Neabore understands one very important thing with synth-based music: it’s incredibly versatile. In his relatively short time as a solo artist, the also bassist for long-running hardcore/hip-hop act Dog Eat Dog has explored a plethora of synth moods and tones, starting with his Carpenter-esque horror-ifyingly striking Retro Inferno LP in 2021. Now, the New Jersey artist sets course for the biggest frontier man will likely ever face: space.

On October 27, Neabore will drop Star Feels, an EP much more indebted to the sky than any hellscape we can craft here on earth. Today, we have a premiere of the title track ready to jettison you among the stars. Get your credit card ready because not only will you wanna throw down some cash for this EP after listening to the song, but you’ll also probably buy that white bomber jacket with the yellow scorpion on the back too.

Of course, it only takes one listen to see where Neabore, and I, were getting at – I’ll let him say it in his own words: ‘It’s a story about a lonely robot floating in space who falls in love with an alien, if only for a brief moment. Influenced partly by E.L.O., Daft Punk, and the Drive soundtrack, Star Feels will inspire you to look up to the stars and may even bring a tear to your eye.

The title track is certainly emotive, rousing up a sense of adventure and tenderness with pokey and twinkling synths, heavily modulated vocals, and bold rhythms. It’s a simple track, for sure channeling that Kavinsky way of doing things, but instead of dark moodiness, there’s a poignant, upbeat, mood that champions closeness instead of loneliness, a hard feat when exploring the vastness of space. I love the descending synth leads about two-thirds through the track that sound like something Van Halen would incorporate into an arena rock hit akin to “Jump” or “I’ll Wait”.

When times are tough, it’s good to look up at the sky to get what you need – a friendly blue hue warming your face, a star-pocked blackness that winks back at you with each star’s flickering blink, or maybe the wave of a bird’s wings as it coasts onto its new home. It’s also the sort of thing that makes songs like “Star Feels” invaluable in the limitless abyss that is music. Grab on tight… maybe put a helmet on too.

Dave Neabore‘s Star Feels will drop October 27 via Cadabra Records both digitally and physically – preorder some siqq nebulous vinyl variants through the label’s shop. If you’re a digital pal, peep his Spotify where the EP will drop in a couple weeks’ time.

Artist photo by Kim Berlin

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