Curt Sydnor is premiering the first single off of his new album. The album is titled Deep End Shallow and it will be coming around for our listening pleasure on the 20th of March. The record is the full-length follow-up to Materials and their Destiny¬†which came out some five years ago, and it will be released through Out Of Your Head Records. Sydnor plays keyboards and the few vocal lines present and is joined again by Caroline Davis on the saxophone, alongside Aaron Dugan on guitar. This time around, Greg Saunier sits behind the drum kit, Michael Coltun brings some bass on more than half of the songs, Ofir Ganon is responsible for additional guitars on a few songs, and Jad Atoui plays on a modular synth on “Fieldgaze Variations”.

Enough introductory chit-chat, you’re all here to find out what’s up with this song that is being premiered. It’s the very first song off of Deep End Shallow, titled “Starewell” and it’s quite a sweet album opener. The track clocks in a modest four minutes and a quarter, but it uses this time quite effectively. It starts out with quite an energetic and upbeat jazzy delivery that takes on all sorts of progressive flavors and fusion overtones, with of course various other artifices which I’ll leave to each of you to discover. It smoothly transitions towards a more rock leaning timbre with all the aforementioned nuances gracefully adorning it, lunging into the core of what it is. As it comes closer to its ending, it rolls up in an infectious series of grooves that drag a sweet resolution out of the nether bringing a nice sense of balance to everything. This is catalyzed by how the opening sequence serves as the ending sequence as well. In short, it’s absolutely great and you can check it out below.

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Robert Miklos

Robert Miklos

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