Live recordings have experienced an explosive surge of demand and an aptly corresponding supply within the recent pandemic inflated months. Artists are either promoting already released live renditions or putting together and unveiling previously unheard ones. The instrumental vintage rock duo Closet Disco Queen from Switzerland belong to the latter division, and are offering you the first taste of their upcoming live album Drink the Minibar – Live Recordings today!

“Délicieux” is a six-minute opus originally appearing on Closet Disco Queen‘s previous release, the Sexy Audio Deviance For Punk Bums EP from 2017. The continuously evolving yet destined and highly expressive track translates perfectly into the vivid live setting, and the new clip is a good and thorough look into the tandem’s frisky but diligent appearance. So, kick back and dip in to the branching visuals accompanying the track, and read the band’s comments about it, both conveniently within your reach from below.

This video was shot in June 2017 during our last tour to date. For some reasons our friend Natalie Tummolo decided to fly over from the US to join us and document this tour. We did a bit of everything on that tour; tiny bar shows, support shows with Red Fang and eventually a big outdoor festival at the end. This shows precisely what being in a small touring band is and especially right now it brings back some great memories. The sound you can hear was recorded during a show in France supporting Red Fang, straight from the desk! Our sound guy Chris Edrich, who’s a fuckin’ killer, then came after the show and gave us a usb stick with the mix and that was it, that’s how it sounded. Some of the footage is from that show and you can verify that around 2’20’’ when Luc actually loses his drumsticks in the middle of a part.’

If you’re bringing in a completely fresh pair of ears to Closet Disco Queen‘s warm-vibed rattle, it might be in your interest to know that the gentlemen are also part of Coilguns, an equally Swiss band also known to run their own label Hummus Records, and some dozens worth of other bands on the side. While their parent band is far more methodical and partly even calculated in terms of sound and writing, Closet Disco Queen is a fresh take on genres treading on becoming stale, making up a precarious experience highly gripping in tone, and chameleonic by form.

So, waste no time in taking a further look to their output through their Bandcamp, check out the label’s site for the Drink the Minibar – Live Recordings pre-orders, and be sure to follow the blokes on Facebook as well.

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