Benjamin Schoos is a busy person – not only is he running the label Freaksville Records, he also has put out a pretty significant amount of music. Just check out the number of releases in his Bandcamp page! Well, he’s back with another upcoming album and has given us the opportunity to premiere his new music video! The aforementioned album will be titled Doubt in my Heart and will be taking a different approach this time around. Usually, Schoos helms the vocal roles in his music, but this time around he decided that he wouldn’t be able to tell the story he wanted to tell properly, so he enlisted some help in the form of guest musicians. That’s an admirable dedication to the craft he’s presenting.

Today we will be taking a gander at the single “Shoes” which features guest vocalist Nicholas Krgovich. As always, Everything Is Noise is very proud to premiere this video today, but before we get into that, Schoos had this to say about the song itself:

‘”Shoes” is a warm bath of a tune, full of evocative imagery and underpinned by an obvious devotion to sweet 70’s soul records shared by two singers living nearly 5,000 miles apart. As winter approaches, this single promises subtle seduction with a sliver of subversion. ‘Now things are wilder than you think,’ the two men sing with a knowing wink, and the evening walk with the dog becomes the unlikely setting for the rekindling of fires of passion.’

‘The idea in the video is the wandering of a man. The machine that is getting stuck, the fragile man faced with the immensity of a raw nature. Loneliness and finally contemplation. Filmed in 16mm Black and White, the rushes were developed and scanned manually. The assembly was largely done in 16mm.’

That quote was from the director of the video, Sebastien Alouf. I think, much like the video, the song is stripped back into an almost simplistic form – at least on the surface. It all sounds like a simple four-chord song or something similar, but then the layers start to reveal themselves the closer you listen. The intimacy in which it is presented is a nice and warm addition. It feels safe and welcoming all at once. All in all, I believe Schoos has successfully created something both familiar and personal at the same time. This is something that can reach a lot of people, yet it still manages to remain deep and meaningful on that personal level.

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I’m just going to assume he was urinating at the end.

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