Astrosaur, how have you not come into my life sooner?

We at Everything Is Noise are pleased to present to you the final installment of their Visual Transmissions series “Space Mountain”!

I wish there was a word stronger than fun to describe just how great this video and track is. There is so much to ingest that it took more than a few watches to really come to grips with it. With multiple tonality changes and mood swings, this song gives way more than it takes. The sheer ingenuity and imagination found here is remarkable, and shows what is capable when you put everything you have into what you love. Astrosaur explains the video like this:

‘This version of ‘Space Mountain’ concludes the three-part video-series ‘Visual Transmissions’ we’ve been releasing over the last couple of months. Taken from Fade In // Space Out, ‘Space Mountain’ works very well live and we’re very happy with how the video captures the trippy and hypnotic vibe of the song.’

You can watch the video here! It is an experience to say the least, and worthy of multiple views.

They also have appearances for festivals coming up for Europe! You can find them below.

May 3 – Scapes of Sound Vol. X – Marburg, Germany
May 4 – Vacuumfest 2019 – Moers, Germany
May 11 – A Colossal Weekend 2019  – Copenhagen, Denmark
October 4 – Høstsabbat 2019 – Oslo, Norway

Keep up with Astrosaur on their Facebook and Instagram, and stream their music through Spotify. You can get tickets and showtimes for their upcoming tour dates on their official website. I know for sure we will be hearing more from Astrosaur coming soon, and I cannot wait for more music to come our way.

Spencer Adams

Spencer Adams

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