We’re only just over a month deep into the hellscapes of 2022 and I’m already drowning in all the stellar music that’s dropping left and right, There is no way anyone could actually keep up with it all, certainly not me. One special 2022 album in particular that comes to mind is Foxtailsfawn, a screamo record that radiates authenticity and pure melancholy. In my mind, the 2022 screamo AOTY had already been decided with fawn but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be formidable contenders along the way fighting for that very spot. Speaking of which, let me introduce you to one such contender, Chalk Hands, through an Everything Is Noise exclusive premiere of their newest single, “Les Jours Passent Et Ne Me Ressemblent Pas”.

Chalk Hands are from Brighton, making for yet another stellar screamo outfit hailing from overseas (for me). I don’t what it is with the UK and screamo, but there is something in the water that just sprouts all these fantastic groups that make music that mirror the emotional turmoil many of us are going through on a day to day basis. “Les Jours Passent Et Ne Me Ressemblent Pas” comes from their debut album, Don’t Think About Death, that drops on March 18. It is a short and sweet track that gives you an inkling of what is to come on their magnificent upcoming debut effort. Give it a spin below!

Although this track is quite brief, it certainly doesn’t waste a single moment, nor does it feel like it goes nowhere due to its ephemeral nature. On the contrary, this short song does more in just over two minutes than do many other songs twice that are its length. The emotive brand of hardcore that Chalk Hands are going to be known for is made damn clear the moment this track opens up. You can easily tell that there was a lot of pain and anguish that went into this music through the emotive vocals, creating this sense of hopelessness throughout. Yet with the vibrant, bouncy math rock section that closes out the track, it gives you a glimpse into the hope that is simultaneously in the music. Despite the raw, painful emotion portrayed in the vocals, there are still moments of beauty and yearning, leading to an overall tone that is cautiously optimistic that cuts through the pessimism. Here is what guitarist/vocalist Antoine Mansion had to say regarding the subject matter of the new single:

“Les jours passent et ne me ressemblent pas” is the first song we wrote for the album. It’s raw, short and passionate and it’s the only song in French on the record, as it’s my native language and I thought it’d work well with the more European screamo sound this song showcases as well as allowing me to express myself in a more honest and unaltered fashion.

‘Thematically, it’s a song about how depression changes the way we behave and think, to the point where you feel like you lose your sense of self. At the time of writing the lyrics, I was in a pretty dark place, it seemed to me like everything that used to feel important in my life – whether it was things that usually bring me happiness or the people I love – lost all value and I had this strong impression that everything could just be replaced.

Everything could have been anything else and it would have just as much meaning‘ was a quote I remember thinking about a lot back then. I felt it was a rather depressing way of looking at your life choices, the paths you’ve taken and the people you’ve chosen to be part of your life. If everything could’ve been different and have as much meaning, how do you attach value to anything? Am I just holding on to the things that make my life what it is in fear of losing who I am or are they really meaningful to me?

The title comes from a French idiom which means something like ‘the days go by and aren’t alike’ (somewhat equivalent to the saying ‘tomorrow is another day’) but I’ve twisted a word to say ‘days go by and I don’t recognise myself’.

Things have changed for me now thankfully, I think I’ve somehow learned to deal with these negative thoughts a lot better and I feel like I grew from it. It’s pushed me to take more control over my life and question why I do the things I do.

As you can already tell, Don’t Think About Death is going to be something beyond special. I can guarantee you that I will be screaming along the precise moment this album drops on March 18 through Dog Knights Productions, which can be preordered right now! If you want to stay up to date regarding any Chalk Hands related news, give their Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp pages a follow!

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