Friends, welcome back to another Everything Is Noise premiere and at the start of this jolly month of December! We hope your AOTY lists are comin’ in sharp, and if not, may you all continue discovering new, fresh, and exciting music for what is left of this wild, wild year! Speaking of which, we are to grace you with an immersive sonic journey that is as bizarre as much as it is intriguing. We are delighted to premiere “Grammar King”, the latest single from experimental trio FLOCKS.

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, FLOCKS is a band that delves into the realms of jazz and electronic music with much precision, having released their debut self-titled in May 2018 and two more singles between last year and this. Being their last single of 2020, and clocking in at about 7 minutes, “Grammar King” is an entrancing piece of music that manifests a futuristic world that is vast and… quite odd. The wobbling, glitching synths in the beginning guides the listener through the bleak corridors of this new world, only to be met with some sort of machinery that, at first, seems dated and forlorn. Not too long after that, it begins to utter its long forgotten language, represented by these recurring dissonant beeps that are simple, but hauntingly effective.

Indeed, the keys in “Grammar King” are ever so present, further expanding the farther reaches of this world through soundscapes and textures that are compelling and that really teases the imagination. Coupled with the atmosphere building are the drum and bass work that are absolutely insane. The overall rhythm section brims with attitude which complements the keys in a very satisfying way. The grooves and musical chops no doubt brings a lot of confidence to the table and elevates this track into one complete, synthetic, eerie, but curious listening experience.

If you like your music with the density of post-rock, the hypnotic pulses of electronic music and krautrock, and the improvisational flow of jazz, do not miss this excellent experimental piece! And of course, if you would like to hear more from FLOCKS, make sure to visit their Bandcamp and Facebook pages!

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