This band sounds familiar? Well, because we already premiered one of their songs back in 2018. The Norwegian psychedelic rock outfit Action & Tension & Space is back with their upcoming album Explosive Meditations, which will be out October 4 via Kapitän Platte. Everything Is Noise has the pleasure to bring you one third of this record in the shape of nearly fifteen minutes long opening track “Peruvian Dream”.

Recorded on Karmøy, an island on the west coast of Norway, the track features classic psychedelic rock ideas and gives an energetic vibe of freedom due to its jammy nature. Without further ado, delve right in!

There is definitely some chaos in this, but also tons of warmth and comfort. Psychedelic music resonates with its audience because it reflects the human aspiration for “more”. A more complex consciousness, new impressions and a better connection to your inner self are provided within this tune, turning from slightly chaotic jam into Pink Floyd-ish soundscapes with some jazzy undertones in a very smooth transition. Every fan of old and modern psychedelic music will find a place in those 862 minutes.

Artwork and tracklist for Action & Tension & Space‘s upcoming album Explosive Meditations:

1. Peruvian Dream
2. Mørke Skyer Over Sildabyen
3. Destroyer Of All Worlds

Make sure to pre-order Explosive Meditations right here and follow the band on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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