The weekend just got more laid back with the reveal of L.A. trio Moonchild‘s fourth studio album Little Ghost, due for release worldwide on September 6.

Known for their lo-fi electronic spin on jazzy soul music, Moonchild are set to add additional layers to an already impressive repertoire of sounds. Speaking on their Facebook page about what’s changed and what to expect, Andris Mattson – who plays the trumpet, synth bass, and does drum programming among other things – had this to say:

The three of us are always experimenting with new programs and gear and trying to improve our craft individually. I’ve been so into guitar, so that’s a big shift from previous Moonchild albums.

Elaborating on how this connects to the album’s title, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Amber Navran added: ‘The evolution connects to the title. At the end of a star’s life, the gas expands into space and leaves a really beautiful nebula, and there is one up there called Little Ghost.’

Accompanying the announcement of the album is a stylized lyric video/music video for their new single “Too Much to Ask,” featuring all three members of the band projected against a surreal backdrop of the album’s cover art. The track follows an earlier single titled “Get To Know It,” released late last year. Featuring a hook-laden beat reminiscent of the sound of a finger snap, “Too Much To Ask” ramps up the jazzy reflectiveness while dialing back the electronics. Both songs will be included on the 14-track album, and you can check them out below.

Little Ghost is available for pre-order, and pre-saving for streaming here. Be sure to check out Moonchild’s Facebook Page, Twitter, and Website for more updates.

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