I’ve hinted at my struggle during my efforts with THE WEEKLY RECS, the beloved feature you all wait for all week until it finally comes around to Friday. In the last few issues, I’ve been complaining about the amount of great albums that keep coming out in June – normally, after the May frenzy, releases slow down and build up to the reliable summer slump. Nah ah. Not this time. Once again, I tried to condense June into a manageable list of greatness – and without patting myself on the back too much, this list turned out to be fire.

Blu-Swing – Panorama

June 5 // Junonsaisai Records

Ever heard of city pop? It’s a kind of left-field subgenre from Japan that’s only vaguely defined by the urban aesthetics of the ’70s and ’80s – but you still get music in that style here and there, which is a blessing. Blu-Swing‘s new album Panorama offers a dreamy, jazzy, and funky take on city pop, and I’m all for it.

Listen here! // Youtube

Hydropsyche – Exhumed & Forgiven

June 6 // Unguarded

A kind of obscure record, dark and twisted, but strangely hopeful. From the Berlin-based label Unguarded, Exhumed & Forgiven carries a distinctive vibe and richly textured layers of glitchy electronica, ambient, and hints of industrial.


Dalton Alexander – Almost Home If I’m Still Alive

June 6 // laaps

laaps is the gift that keeps on giving. Want a steady stream of stellar ambiance? They got your back. Dalton Alexander‘s gorgeous new album is another example, a hypnotic collage of field recordings, samples, and acoustic guitars.


Insect Ark – Raw Blood Singing

June 7 // Debemur Morti Productions

Easily the best Insect Ark release so far. Extremely dense and well-produced noisy avant-garde doom from a project that always had a lot of potential. With Raw Blood Singing, everything was unlocked.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Hippotraktor – Stasis

June 7 // Pelagic Records

What a leap. Hippotraktor had a pretty impressive debut, but with Stasis, the project has drastically improved their songwriting – everything flows so well, the riffs are good – it slaps. More please!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Sect – Plagues Upon Plagues

June 7 // Southern Lord

I was never the biggest fan of Sect – good band, just not my cup of tea. I’m still not sure what Plagues Upon Plagues did differently, but when I hit play on this album, it hit me back, like a good slap in the face. Been spinning it ever since, one of the most energetic records of the year!

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

L’Impératrice – Pulsar

June 7 // Microqlima

All that funk. L’Impératrice are irresistible, it’s so funky and smooth that even for a dance clown like me, it makes my hips sway or something. Pulsar is so damn good.

Listen here! // Youtube

AURORA – What Happened To The Heart?

June 7 // Decca/Glassnote/Petroleum

Norwegian artist AURORA should be on the table of everyone who is interested in modern art pop. All of her albums have been a blast, different and lush. Her new album What Happened To The Heart? is influenced by countless travels, influences from all over the world, and an incredible vibrancy.

Listen here! // Youtube

SYL – afmagt

June 7 // Audible Records

Danish skramz/post hardcore outfit SYL continue the fantastic streak of northern European skramz – so many fantastic bands, and after SYL‘s fantastic debut album back in 2022, this EP is yet another highlight for the band!

Listen here! // Youtube

INCIPIENT CHAOS – Incipient Chaos

June 7 // I, Voidhanger Records

A monumental Black Metal album, and easily one of the best the genre has to offer this year. This is all the right kind of evil and dark, with demonic melodies and grinding energy. Wow.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Ulcerate – Cutting the Throat of God

June 14 // Debemur Morti Productions

What can I add to the tidal wave of praise that has surrounded Ulcerate for years? There is no other band like them. Period. Cutting the Throat of God is dark, complex, and overwhelmingly beautiful, and I’m still trying to figure out how you can write music on that level.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Julie Christmas – Ridiculous and Full of Blood

June 14 // Red Crk

I wasn’t really familiar with Julie’s work outside of her infamous collaboration with Cult Of Luna for their masterpiece Mariner, so Ridiculous And Full Of Blood was my first real dive into her solo work. And fuck me if this album isn’t unbelievable.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Alfredo Colón – Blood Burden

June 14 // Out Of Your Head Records

If you like jazz, Out Of Your Head Records has to be on your radar as one of the most interesting jazz labels active today. Want proof? Alfred Colón‘s fantastic new album Blood Burden is fantastic, compelling modern jazz. Don’t miss it!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Zsela – Big For You

June 14 // Mexican Summer

Absolutely infectious art-pop with stellar production and ultra-catchy songs. Hard to describe the feeling of these songs – there is nostalgia, but also moments that remind me of Low‘s HEY WHAT. Good shit.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Raveena – Where the Butterflies Go in the Rain

June 14 // Moonstone Recordings/EMPIRE

Somewhere between r&b, soul and dream pop, Where the Butterflies Go in the Rain is a tender, magical experience. There is an enchanting warmth to these songs, and Raveena‘s silky smooth vocal performance adds tons of charisma.

Listen here! // Youtube

Otto A. Totland – Exin

June 14 // LEITER

Produced and mixed by Nils Frahm, you might be able to guess what kind of music you’re in for – and while Exin isn’t the most original music you’ve ever heard, it’s also a fantastic example of how to master a well-established formula with sound design and composition. There is a hypnotic pull to this album, and it makes for a highly rewarding experience.

Bandcamp // Youtube

NxWorries – Why Lawd?

June 14 // Stones Throw

I didn’t realize how much I missed this project. Or how much I love and appreciate everything Anderson. Paak does. A culmination of both and his excellent execution makes Why Lawd? so good.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Martha Skye Murphy – Um

June 14 // AD 93

Absolutely stunning. I have reviewed Martha Skye Murphy before, but this is easily her best work to date. Art-pop at heart, like experimental shades of ambient all over it, and in parts it strongly reminds me of Julianna Barwick. High praise!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Caroline Shaw & Sō Percussion – Rectangles and Circumstance

June 14 // Nonesuch Records

Being on Nonesuch Records is an indicator of quality, but then you listen to Rectangles and Circumstance and you are blown away. This is beautifully produced and masterfully crafted, and believe me, you need this in your musical life.

Bandcamp // Youtube

SMUSH – if you were here i’d be home now

June 15 // Candlepin Records/Softseed Music

I know you love shoegaze, and this album is one of the best shoegaze records you can get this year. It has such a cool vibe and fantastic songs – irresistible.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Valerian Swing – Liminal

June 21 // Pax Aeternum Digital

This brand of modern, electronica-influenced jazz is a hit-or-miss affair. Sometimes it’s lightning in a bottle – think early GoGo Penguin. Sometimes it’s kind of soulless and formulaic – think later GoGo Penguin. Valerian Swing sits comfortably in the former category, and if you want jazz to be a hit, it’s for you.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Stax + Max Stadtfeld – Fancy Future

June 21 // Boomslang Records

More Jazz! We had the pleasure of premiering one of the session videos from this album earlier this year, and I was immediately in love. Very organic and vibrant, Fancy Future definitely needs more coverage.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Alcest – Les Chants de l’Aurore

June 21 // Nuclear Blast Records

I’ve already spent a couple of weeks with Alcest‘s latest album, and besides knowing that “Flamme Jumelle” is one of my favorite songs of the year (and that damn video, it’s so beautiful), but Les Chants de l’Aurore kept growing on me, and I’m pretty sure now – this album is their best work yet.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Black Decelerant – Reflections Vol. 2: Black Decelerant

June 21 // RVNG Intl.

Fuck me, this is good. I know I’m a bitch about sound and production, and this album hit all the right notes. Somewhere between electronica, jazz and ambient, Black Decelerant made a new fan with this album, and I’ll be following them from now on.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Been Stellar – Scream from New York, NY

June 21 // Dirty Hit

If you have any interest in nostalgic indie/alt rock, there is no way around this album. Been Stellar have created a beautiful, infectiously catchy rock album, with great songs and a fantastic vibe. This sounds like a cult hit in the making.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Hiatus Kaiyote – Love Heart Cheat Code

June 28 // Brainfeeder

The first euphoria is gone, and I can check this now sober, not drunk on Hiatus Kaiyote. Love Heart Cheat Code is not their best album, but still one of the best albums of the year, which tells you everything you need to know about this band. They are a gift and I’m thrilled to be following their career.

Bandcamp // Youtube

ROUÉ – Eastwest / Remote

June 28 // Independent

A great little gem. If you like art rock like Radiohead, this should be on your radar. Very overlooked, but very, very good!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Outlander – Acts of Harm

June 28 // Church Road Records

At first I thought it was crazy good. Then I ended up coming back to this album every day – now I can’t imagine my life without it. Yes, overly dramatic, but the immense growth this album has gone through while listening to it is extraordinary. Outlander needs to be on your radar.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Hail Spirit Noir – Fossil Gardens

June 28 // Agonia Records

Black metal – psychy, please. There is still enough cvlt left in Hail Spirit Noir, but at this point I listen to it for the trippy textures and proggy songwriting. This band is one of a kind, and every record adds to their legacy.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Uboa – Impossible Light

June 28 // The Flenser

Ever since the masterpiece The Origin Of My Depression, I have held Uboa in high esteem – Xandra Metcalfe creates sonic hellscapes that shatter the mind, and with her signing to The Flenser, the sky is the limit.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Storefront Church – Ink & Oil

June 28 // Independent

Back in 2021, Storefront Church gave me a hard time. Their debut album As We Pass was crazy good and I pitched it to everyone, but people mostly ignored it. I saw a few voices that shared my admiration – let’s raise those voices again for Ink & Oil, the new one, which is at least as good.

Bandcamp // Youtube

MILLY – Your Own Becoming

June 28 // Dangerbird Records

Sometimes, all you need is a good ass alt rock album with some cozy ’90s shoegaze vibes and catchy choruses. MILLY‘s Your Own Becoming gives you all that and more.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Lupe Fiasco – Samurai

June 28 // 1st & 15th/Thirty Tigers

I’ve loved Lupe Fiasco‘s stuff since his last album DRILL MUSIC IN ZION, and now he’s back with a conceptual album about Amy Winehouse? Sounds awesome, I’m in.

Listen here! // Youtube

Love Letter – Everyone Wants Something Beautiful

June 28 // Iodine Recordings

With members of Defeater and Quinn Murphy of Verse on vocals, this is a certified nostalgia trip for me. The vibe of the album, Murphy’s energy, the sound – I was back in my youth, in a basement, part of a ball of sweat and hardcore kids. Right to the heart.


Loma – How Will I Live Without a Body?

June 28 // Sub Pop Records

Yes, sound again. This is – as the kids call it – sound porn. How Will I Love Without a Body? has my headphones glued to my ears and my mind hypnotized by these beautiful soundscapes. Thanks for that, Loma.

Bandcamp // Youtube

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