Going through my notes, I was surprised to find that not too many records caught my attention in April – at least usually not for more than a couple of days. So I revisited some stuff that seemed interesting at first glance, but didn’t get the treatment it deserved from me. Luckily, my eagerness to find more interesting stuff released in April turned out to be very rewarding – and I’m happy to once again share some of April’s best albums with you!

MARO – hortelã

April 4 // Secca Records

MARO came to my attention as an artist when she played in Jacob Collier‘s band, and I’m so very grateful that Jacob brought her with him – MARO‘s disntinctive voice and her rich songwriting is something I don’t wanna miss, and which was never better on display than on hortelã.

Linktree // Youtube

Issei Herr – Distant Intervals

April 7 // NNA Tapes

Simply breathtaking. The layers Issei Herr creates on Distant Intervals invite you to discover, to be amazed, to be mesmerized. It’s a strange aural world, yet Distant Intervals never fails to grab attention and lure you in. What a triumph.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

healthyliving – Songs of Abundance, Psalms of Grief

April 7 // La Rubia Producciones

Just fucking on point. Gazey, a good drive, and with a stable sound, healthyliving delivers a beautiful and intricate masterpiece with Songs of Abundance, Psalms of Grief!

Bandcamp // Youtube

HMLTD – The Worm

April 7 // Lucky Number

Trust me, you’ve never heard anything like this before. With The Worm, HMLTD from London created not only one of the best prog records of the year, but one of the best conceptual records I’ve heard in quite a while. This shit is wild, and I love every fucking second of it. It even reminds me of the one of a kind masterpiece Interior City by The Gabriel Construct. Shots fired.

Bandcamp // Youtube

ENNY – We Go Again

April 13 // FAMM Records

You won’t get much better with souly r&b than with ENNY – released through Jorja Smith‘s FAMM Records. We Go Again is a wonderful collection of songs, masterfully produced and smooth as butter. More!

Linktree // Youtube

El Michels Affair & Black Thought – Glorious Game

April 14 // Big Crown Records

It’s an easy equation. If Black Thought is involved, shit’s good. Glorious Game is yet another example for his fantastic artistic vision. Simply astonishing.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Fire! Orchestra – Echoes

April 14 // Rune Grammofon

Let’s put 28 fantastic musician in a room together and let them go crazy. Echoes is huge and phenomenal – Fire! Orchestra is one of a kind as a project, and I can guarantee you that you never experienced something like this!

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Dorthia Cottrell – Death Folk Country

April 21 // Relapse Records

Doom folk, death folk, death country, doom country. Call it what you want, I’m convinced that Dorthia Cottrell is a witch (in the best way possible) and infused so much damn magic into those songs that not falling under their spell is impossible.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Bell Witch – Future’s Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate

April 21 // Profound Lore Records

Only Bell Witch, arguably the only doom band currently working who really bring the doom in doom, can release an album consisting of an 83-minutes song, announcing it just a few days before playing it live at the legendary Roadburn Festival. Bell Witch are legends themselves by now – and we should be thankful for every piece of art they give us.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Chiyoda Ku – Selecta Perspective

April 21 // Independent

Math rock is having a hard time for me – I was really open for the genre a couple years ago, but now, only a few albums grab my attention. Selecta Perspective is definitely one of them. Full of great ideas, Chiyoda Ku channel an aspect of math rock I always admired – being surprising with every new part.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Cinder Well – Cadence

April 21 // Free Dirt Records

No Summer was one of the best records of 2020, so I was naturally excited to hear about Cinder Will‘s new album Cadence. Amelia Baker left the dark and rustic barn house for a contemplative day at the beach, and I’m all in for it!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Rắn Cạp Đuôi – *1

April 23 // Nhạc Gãy

This Vietnamese electronica collective really surprised me with its rich arrangements of deconstructed club and IDM – discovering this album layer by layer, piece by piece, it’s a pleasure.

Bandcamp // Youtube

The God In Hackney – The World in Air Quotes

April 28 // Junior Aspirin Records

Is The World in Air Quotes the best album of the year so far? I knew that it was an AOTY candidate right from the start – and since I first listened to it, The God In Hackney‘s newest masterpiece only evolved into more: the most impressive and interesting record I’ve heard all year. There is nothing like it out there.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Spotlights – Alchemy For The Dead

April 28 // Ipecac Recordings

Love & Decay was fucking awesome – and I was super excited for Spotlights‘ newest effort Alchemy For The Dead. And although the album doesn’t hit the same high notes than the bands previous album, it’s still extremely exciting and energetic.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Lakes – Elysian Skies

April 28 // Big Scary Monsters

Remember Pool Kids? Their self-titled was released last year – super cool and sweet math rock with ultra catchy melodies. Add a bit more American Football vibes, and you get Elysian Skies, the new album by Lakes. It’s fucking awesome.

Bandcamp // Youtube // Review

Baby Rose – Through and Through

April 28 // Secretly Canadian

This is amazing. Through and Through. Baby Rose put so much warmth, love, and soul into her new album that it’s hard to stop spinning it. ‘Music for the aimless and heartbroken.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Sleepsculptor – Divine Recalibration

April 28 // Silent Pendulum Records

I’m usually not the biggest fan of the new rise of ’90s metalcore – nu-metalcore, so to speak. Sleepsculptor, on the other hand, just fucking nail it. Divine Recalibration never stops, it’s relentless and grinding and punches in all the right direction. An amazing piece of music.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Joy Oladokun – Proof Of Life

April 28 // Amigo/Verve Forecast/Republic

Somewhere between soul and folk, Joy Oladokun is a great storyteller – stories as slices of life, warm and inspiring. Not necessarily her best record yet, but reliable and wonderful.

Get the album! // Youtube

JFDR – Museum

April 28 // Houndstooth

A piece of magic. Icelandic artist Jófríður Ákadóttir brought her fantastic project JFDR forward and released a wonderfully contemplative and mesmerizing album with Museum. Distinctive and beautiful.

Bandcamp // Youtube

Jessie Ware – That! Feels Good!

April 28 // PMR/EMI

This makes you dance around in your room while everone is watching. Fuck them. Just keep dancing. This record demands it!

Bandcamp // Youtube

Wallowing – Earth Reaper

April 28 // Church Road Records

All the right kinds of nasty. Fuck. Listen to that shit.

Bandcamp // Youtube

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