Fragile. Massive. Destructive.

2018 was a crazy year for me. Between moving for work and getting a writing position for EIN, it was an experience to say the least. I found a love for a genre I was mostly unaware of, and delved into as many post-rock bands I could get my hands on. During all of this time, though, one thing stuck out to me and really made its mark for the end of that year: one of my first reviews, a neat little record called Chasma. I absolutely fell in love with it, naming it one of my top albums of 2018.

Not one to be selfish when it comes to music, I wanted to take a minute to try to show you, dear reader, the magic of Patient, Patient, and attempt to express the emotions that I had during my time with them. Everything Is Noise is here to take you on the dreamy, poignant adventure through their musical history.

The five-piece from Cologne, Germany have always wanted to have a special sound. Their first endeavor was Of Illusions and the Way to Find, released in 2015. Mixing post-rock and shoegaze elements, it was an emotional ride. While the production quality is relatively low (and mostly expected from a debut release from a smaller group), it added character to the album. The use of dark instrumentals and synthesized atmospheric aspects gave it a huge sound, one not often found on debut record. Patient, Patient were also telling a story, one of self-discovery and what can be learned from it.

Of Illusions and the Way to Find is about the urge to find something in life. However, we often make our way more complicated than it is. We lend ourselves to illusions which disguise our sight, which veil the truth, which knock us off course.’

The band continued to do extensive touring in the spring of 2016 following their debut release. They changed labels to current indie-favorite Midsummer Records. During that time, the writing persisted, and the band was ready to create another massive record. It took over three years, but the result was absolutely amazing.

On September 4, 2018, Patient, Patient dropped Chasma unto the world. The massive sound from their previous record was honed and perfected, creating a mature outing that was leagues above their debut album. Even though they used the same sound engineer, Lantlôs‘ Markus Siegenhort, the production quality was astounding compared to its predecessor. Even from the first drum beats and guitar notes from the opening track, “Glared By the Whole”, you can feel the improvement and growth. As to the mood and tone of the album, the band had this to say:

‘…The melancholy and profundity is amplified by from far echoing vocals and dense guitar walls. The progressivity and intense sound patterns are revealed by slowly building, [repetitive] structures and persevering instrumental parts that hypnotically charm the listeners – Lost in music, in the surrreality of the moment. The band decided again to work with Lantlôs‘ Markus Siegenhort. Perfect conditions to give the record its final gloomy touch.’

The release was followed with more touring across Europe and even more praise from multiple music outlets. The reviews were amazing, not excluding our own. The band reached listeners in over 30 countries. It was truly and incredible year for Patient, Patient, and it was all brought about by a tremendous piece of art.

‘And what remains? Deep introversion, slight trepidation. But also the certainty that there are ways to find the way back to reality together.’

Patient, Patient is:


Check out the full review of Chasma and check out their catalog on their Bandcamp. Be sure to smash that like button on their Facebook to keep up with more news and tour announcements.

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