AURORA created an imaginative collection of songs with A Different Kind Of Human (Step II), which leaves me looking to the future with more curiosity.

Released: June 7, 2019 | Glassnote Entertainment Group LLC | Facebook | Spotify | Instagram

I’m not usually a huge pop fan but I simply cannot stop listening to this album! AURORA has released a charming, beautiful, and catchy album which isn’t afraid to broach some uncomfortable topics. A Different Kind of Human (Step II) comes roughly nine months after Infections Of A Different Kind (Step I), and the maturity between last year’s release and this one is incredible to see. I’m not sure if they were written and recorded at the same time, but Step II has a wide range of songs which have been masterfully created.

Throughout the record, AURORA sings about hope, which is what Infections Of A Different Kind (Step I) was referring to. These infections are a metaphor for hope. Step II gives us songs from the perspective of an alien race, as well as from the human voice. I’m tempted to compare her music to that of other artists and bands, but I feel that her art can stand on its own – I don’t want to ruin anything for those who haven’t heard of her yet.

“A Different Kind of Human”, the album’s title track, packs a huge emotional punch, on top of giving us a really interesting story. The song starts from the aliens’ point of view, and by the end has switched over to that of a human person. AURORA shows us a different take on the afterlife, where the aliens abduct people and bring them to a different planet. The aliens are essentially rewarding people who have hope with their own planet which they can call home. Closing out the track, the lyrics mimic the opening lines but from the human’s perspective, confusedly asking ‘Hello? Hello?/Hello? Hello?/Is anyone out there?/Am I home?’. It’s such a quiet and beautiful way to end an already gorgeous piece.

I’m pretty sure I’m misinterpreting this next song, but that’s okay, because music is unique to every person. “Daydreamer” to me is about growing older and losing the sense of wonder we once had as children. In the chorus AURORA says ‘And we become night time dreamers/And street walkers, small talkers/When we should be daydreamers/And moonwalkers, and dream talkers.’ For me, this is my imagination losing the battle against real life and the many burdens it entails. When I listen to “Daydreamer”, I’m reminded to always look at things with curiosity and look to the future with hope and creativity.

AURORA is able to produce so many different styles of vocals, it’s mind-boggling. Her songs reflect her ability to be uniquely herself while having this incredible ability of changing things up. A Different Kind Of Human (Step II) is a charming reminder to always be creative – at least for me. This album has been on repeat for weeks now, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. If you enjoyed what you have heard here, be sure to also check out all of the other records she has available, because they are equally top notch. Apparently she has many new songs already written/conceived, and I am ready – I cannot wait for more!

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